Kudos: Doll Lines That Thrived in 2014

Earlier, I posted a memoriam to doll lines that lost their momentum in 2014.  But what about the doll lines that thrived? Let’s look back at a few lines that blazed through 2014.

Thronecoming Cupid

Thronecoming Cupid

Ever After High:  Even with all the hoopla about Barbie’s low sales, Mattel has a lot to be proud of.  (Though, I think it’s wise to point out that even with Barbie’s lower than average sales, she is still one of the top-selling doll lines ever created.)  Mattel has two really successful non- Barbie properties on toy shelves at the moment.  Ever After High made its debut back in 2013, as a spin-off of Monster High.  2014 was a huge year for this line. Collectors saw new lines, such as the gorgeous Thronecoming dolls and the Hat-Tastic Tea Party series.  On top of that, we saw new royals and rebels being introduced like Dexter Charming and Lizzie Hearts.  I see Ever After High entertaining us for many years to come.


Monster High

Monster High:  Mattel’s second hot buy of 2014 was Monster High.  Popular since its 2010 release, the Monster High train is still moving at full speed!  2014 was the year of Freaky Fusion.  We met new students, hybrids and got another entertaining movie to add to our dvd collection.  Most exciting, in my opinion, was the line that finished off the year, Haunted. I don’t see Monster High slowing down any time soon!

My New Makie and Siena

My New Makie and Siena

Makies:  Oh my, Makies has had quite a year!  Winning numerous awards this year for their creative, fresh concept, Makies are on the right path!  The company has been constantly evolving, keeping this 3D printed doll line from growing stale.  I currently own two Makies, Siena and one brand new Makie who I only quickly introduced here on the blog last week.  Keep your eyes open for a post regarding my new girl in January!

Equestria Girls: I was very, very unsure about Hasbro’s Equestria Girls line when it was announced.  As a die-hard G1 pony fan, the thought of transforming my four-legged friends into two-legged teenagers worried me– a lot.  However, as I try to do with all things in life, I went into the Equestria Girls with an open mind and was happily surprised. They weren’t perfect when they started appearing in toy stores.  Hasbro made them with horrible peg legs, but somebody must have been listening at Hasbro, as most of the 2014 lines had feet!  I, also, found myself drawn to the Rainbow Rocks line, partly because of the fun styling on the girls and the fact that I have a side collection (that is pushed aside a lot of the time) of doll ‘bands’, like Jem and the Holograms, K-On and Barbie’s Rockers and Sensations.

Lydia- quick photo shoot

Lydia- quick photo shoot

A Girl for All Time: I’ve been a fan of A Girl for All Time since I first learned about them.  Year after year, the company keeps releasing beautiful dolls and outfits, as well as story books.  If you haven’t joined their fan club on facebook yet, you should!  It’s a fun, active community of fans and a great place to go if you want to see how others dress and style their A Girl for All Time dolls.  I think it’s safe to say this is a line that is here to stay!

Of course, there are many other lines that have thrived in 2014, but these are my top five.  What lines do you think excelled in 2014?  Share your thoughts below!


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  1. sailingmartha replied:

    I agree with all the doll lines you listed – I like all of them and I’m glad to see them doing well. I would add Lottie dolls by Arklu. They are a fairly new brand but they seem to be a hit so far, and I think they are quite cute. I was also glad to see the Our Generation line expand to mini dolls, and Madame Alexander add mini Travel Friends dolls to their collection.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Lottie made it on my first list, when I was brainstorming, but I totally forget to add her when I wrote this post. They do deserve kudo’s, as well.

  2. barbielea replied:

    Hello Kewpie 🙂 I love your new Makie! I finally got one myself, I’m very happy with her and will be doing a post about her soon … This line seems to be going great guns, suddenly it seems that everybody has one or wants one!

    Monster High has probably been my line of the year – I loved Freaky Fusion and agree that Haunted looks great too. In 2014 I’ve often wished that Barbie was as creative and fun as MH, but I do think they’re getting there with the new Fashion packs and faces – hopefully 2015 will be Year Barbie 🙂

    Really love EAH as well, although I don’t think that some of the “repeat” dolls have been as creative as they could have been, the new waves (like “through the woods”) are just jaw-dropping …

    I know they’ve been going for a few years, but during 2014 I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to Disney’s Classic Princess range. I love the slightly vintage look of these dolls (the plump cheeks, the side glance) and really need to buy more … Also, they’re not my cup of tea but I notice that everybody’s been going gaga for the toddler Princesses (you have a few, don’t you?). In fact, some collectors only seem to bother with these dolls now …

    (Sorry for long comment – hope you’re having a dolly holiday season!!)

    • kewpie83 replied:

      No worries! I LOVE long comments! Also, I love your Makie!!!! She’s adorable! And the name is great. I’ve never heard the saying ‘going great guns’. I’m going to totally start using that in conversation. It’s fantastic. On Barbie, I totally agree that 2014 was kind of blah. The dolls are already starting to look prettier, though! Ha, the Disney Animator Collectors dolls are really the only Disney princesses I collect! There have been some pretty 1/6th sized princesses recently.

  3. Linda replied:

    I’m not so sure EAH is such a big hit in Europe. Here in the Netherlands we heve never seen any dolls but the 4 originally released main characters and these are now on sale. No other dolls ever appeared in the shops.

    Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2015 with lots of dolls…

    I really enjoy reading your blog.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks, Linda! Very interesting! I figured if MH was popular in Europe, EAH would be just as popular. It’s interesting to hear that they aren’t as popular.

  4. Simon replied:

    I agree wholeheartedly about A Girl For All Time. Although this isn’t the type of doll I collecto or would normally be interested in – the attention to detail and compelling narrative behind the dolls is awe inspiring. I am sure their future is very bright indeed!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Very True, Simon! And they’re such a nice company. You can try to start a dialogue with Mattel or MGA and get no where, but A Girl for All Time will actually take the time to get back to you!

  5. Amanda replied:

    I love the Tudor time period, so I just had to get my own AGFAT. I love her! So glad you brought this line to my attention. I got her beautiful robe for Christmas. So well made!!

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