American Girl Debuts a New Girl of the Year

With a new year, comes a new American Girl ‘Girl of the Year’.  This years limited edition doll is Grace Thomas.  Tying in well with my newest AG giveaway, Grace is a baker and a young entrepreneur.  Her story begins when she takes a family vacation to Paris, which is why there are a handful of France themed accessories to go along with her!  Here’s a few photos, taken from American Girls website.

Grace with extra accessories

Grace with extra accessories

Grace has a really cute face!  I like the blue eyes and brown hair combination a lot.  She also has one of those feature I love on dolls– freckles!



There are a number of new outfits themed around Grace.  My favorite is her City Outfit.  I think her travel coat is super cute, too.  These two pieces are things I would consider ordering for my own American Girl dolls, if Mattel didn’t make these girls smaller in size over the years.  (Current AG outfits fit too tightly on my Pleasant Company dolls.)

Grace's City Outfit

Grace’s City Outfit

Grace's Jacket

Travel Coat

I’m a sucker for doll sized cooking supplies and venues, so it should come as no surprise how much I like Grace’s play sets and accessories.  There is a major problem with most of Grace’s accessories, though.  They’re very expensive. The French Bakery, for example, is $500.00!  Yes, it comes with over 60 accessories, but it better come with a doll, too, to warrant that price! That’s way too much for an American Girl play set.

French Bakery

French Bakery

This Bistro Set is also over priced, I think, and costs $85.00.

Bistro Set

Bistro Set

Even this Baking Set costs $68.00.

Baking Set

Baking Set

To see the entire collection, visit the American Girl website.  What do you think of Grace?  Share your thoughts below!


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  1. discodiva1979 replied:

    She is very pretty with the freckles, blue eyes & dark hair, however, I feel that almost all the AG dolls have that same look. I would definitely invest in the clothing as that opens the fashion wardrobe & look. The accessories are incredibly pricey to say the least-who do they think is playing with these?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Right. I always bought my own AG dolls and would save for accessories, too, if I wanted them. But now, it’s nearly impossible for a kid to do that, unless they get a really large allowance. And you’re also right on AG looking the same. I saw a picture of this doll and another Girl of the Year and they looked nearly identical, minus the freckles.

  2. Melissa replied:

    She is adorable and yes, my daughter would LOVE this doll and the accessories but sadly I can’t afford not justify the prices!!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I know. The dolls themselves haven’t actually gone up so much. I think I was paying $85 back in the 90’s, but the accessories– that’s crazy.

      • Melissa replied:

        And every used AG doll needs so much work it isn’t worth it!

  3. Cupcaked Dolly replied:

    I think she’s an adorable doll and that girls will definitely enjoy her. However, severely disappointed in the lack of variation in AG. There are many dolls that look similar to her that are available and I feel that they could’ve designed a newer, fresher looking character.

    Also, the prices for AG continue to shock me. I haven’t bought one since 2003, when I paid $84 for a Josefina doll.

  4. littlebearries replied:

    That $500 is expensive!!! Whoa! … admittedly though, I still want the mixer, even if it is pricey XD And I really like this new girl, she’s adorable.

  5. Teresa B. replied:

    Grace is adorable. Freckles always get me. One reason why I love Midge dolls! And the accessories are adorable as well (except the price)

  6. Barbara Forde replied:

    I think that Mattel is making the American Girl Dolls to all look the same but changing the names. Cost is a factor! I originally loved them but I now find that Our Generation Dolls are better and affordable. Plus, they go on sale, and accessories are comparible to AG.

    • Melissa replied:

      Our Generation? I have never heard of them I guess

    • The_L replied:

      But they have 5 other molds! They could have used the Josefina, Jess, Mary-Grace–they could even have broken with the “make every GOTY white” trend and used the Addy or Sonali molds! They’re similar without being the same as that ONE mold that AG seems oddly enamored with.

      And yeah, the GOTY accessories are getting pricier and pricier. Remember Saige’s hot-air balloon last year?

      • Genny replied:

        Grace Thomas is in Josefina mold. But it would have been nice to have her with a darker skin tone. I’m not fond of this doll. I don’t like the freckle patterns on most dolls. I would prefer realistic freckles that cover more area and vary in size and intensity. The way real freckles do. This way it just looks fake. I seem to be the only one who thinks she looks like she’s growing out her bangs or cut them herself for fun! I do have a fondness for all brunettes. So that mitigates it a little. And you skipped a year. Last year was the underwhelming Isabelle which had to be sold at rock bottom prices and donated to charity.

        I like the bakery. But it does seem like a but much. And I am disappointed in the quality of many of the modern items. The microscope set is a rather cheap looking plastic in person. I was all set to buy it, until I actually saw it in person.

        • The_L replied:

          As much as some of the 90’s AG items are on the secondary market, I do find it tempting. The lunch sets AG sells now are nice, but soooo overpriced. I don’t even fool with AG anymore because the price turns me off.

          • kewpie83 replied:

            Picking up Pleasant Company items on the secondary market is the way to go, I think!

  7. Emma replied:

    Nice post!:D

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