Dolly Review: Liddle Kiddle Doll Houses

Barbee0913 has been hard at work this past month working on a series of Liddle Kiddle doll house videos.  If you follow me on Facebook, I have linked to them in the past.  However, I know some of you only subscribe here, so I wanted to pass them along via blog post, too!  E-mail subscribers, click into the blog post to see the video links.  In the videos, you’ll see some nice examples of the doll houses released by Mattel for their Liddle Kiddle line, which debuted in 1966 at Toy Fair.

This last video is brand new.  It features my mom’s collection in more detail.

Do you have a Liddle Kiddle collection? Do you have any of these pieces? What’s your favorite Kiddle or Kiddle playset? Share your thoughts below!



February 5, 2015. Tags: . Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. sondrabj replied:

    I have Rollie Kiddle.I think I also have one or two lucky locket kiddles. I have Rollie’s wagon, but I didn’t know it belonged to her and painted it red for my christmas diarama. Guess i will be unpainting it! I think we had the Little Kiddle house, too. My mom and Santa got us the good toys!!

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