Collection Close Up: Phone Tag

This year, I really want to showcase little pieces of my collection.  This post features two of the more interesting pieces in my collection.

1983 Phone

1983 Phone

1983 Phone Graphic

1983 Phone Graphic

1983 Phone

1983 Phone

The first piece is a Super Star Barbie and Skipper telephone from 1983.  Made in China for Fun Communications, this can be used as a telephone or knick knack holder.

CPK's 1984 Phone

CPK’s 1984 Phone

CPK's 1984 Phone

CPK’s 1984 Phone

The second piece I wanted to show off is one of my newest.  I received this fantastic Cabbage Patch Kids telephone for my most recent birthday.  This telephone was made by Coleco in 1984 and features a Cabbage Patch Kid with molded yarn hair.

Neither of these phones seem to work, but they are both stand out pieces in my collection. I don’t know about you, but I love the ‘extras’, those items that aren’t dolls, but are off shoots of them.

Do you have any fun telephone-like items in your collection?  Do you collect dolls only or off shoots like these phones? Share your thoughts below.



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  1. Candy replied:

    Oh my goodness never knew these items exsisted, they are fabulous 🙂

  2. Heather Holden replied:

    Oh, these are so cool, especially that Barbie one! I remember receiving a Barbie phone as a kid, but it was pink and cell phone-like and purely for play. I think there were even messages from Barbie whenever you pressed one of the buttons, haha. I really like off-shoots like this, even though I don’t have too many of them at the moment. They’re just as fun to collect as the dolls!

  3. Bad touch Bear replied:

    Its a shame they don’t work – I always wonder why when such things stop working. I personally don’t collect the ‘other’ items since I might start using them.

    OHH I meant to ask a while ago. The Junky spot, they have a glow in the dark Freya! And BJD’s in general can you take more than just the head apart?

  4. sailingmartha replied:

    I love that Barbie phone! So cool!

  5. Taswegian1957 replied:

    I’ve never seen either of these. I’m not surprised there were Barbie phones and aren’t the graphics on that one great. I had no idea that there were CPK telephones. Of course they were huge when they were first released so I shouldn’t be surprised really.

    • aggeliki replied:

      Barbie phone is cool, but I like the cabbage kids phone better, because I think is more unique and not so easy to find.

  6. Debbie Miller replied:

    Awesome! Perfect addition to any doll collection-our motto-any thing cute esp Barbie-GET IT!

  7. Andi B. Goode replied:

    These are really neat! I love associated paraphernalia and I collect a bit of it when I can – I don’t have any phones, though!

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