Next Stop- Toy Fair 2015 in New York City

Tomorrow morning, I leave for Toy Fair 2015!  Housed at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, New York, this trade show boasts, “1,000 exhibiting manufacturers, distributors, importers and sales agents to showcase 150,000+ products to nearly 10,000 buyers representing 7,000+ unique retail outlets in 100 countries.”  By all accounts, this show is huge and I expect that I won’t be able to catch everything.

Toy Fair

Toy Fair

However, I do have some very exciting meetings scheduled with some of the biggest brands in the doll and toy world this weekend and that’s all thanks to you guys! Here’s a short list of companies I’ll be visiting with this weekend– Tonner, Madame Alexander, Mattel, MGA, Spin Master, Double Dutch Dolls, Cayla: The Talking Doll, Lottie and Jakks Pacific.  (Of course, there’s a whole show floor of other companies I’ll be checking out, the ones listed above are just the ones I have appointments for a one on one with!)  I hope to meet up with a few online friends, as well.  I’ve never met any other bloggers/vloggers in person before, so it should be fun! On that note, I have to give a huge thank you to two online dolly friends, Melissa and Char, for all their advice the past few months!!!  Attending Toy Fair is definitely a little more complicated than attending an anime/comic convention!

I’ll be taking photos with my DSLR camera and will most likely be slow to update for a week or so.  My goal is to sort through footage right after I get back, though, so I can get it posted here in a timely manner!  (I also have a few reviews that I put on hold– I’ll post those soon, too!)  For occasional updates this week, ‘like’ my facebook page.

That’s it for this quick little update!  See you again soon!


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  1. Sheryl replied:

    So excited to hear about Lottie!!!!!

  2. Bad touch Bear replied:

    I didn’t know that fair would be this weekend. I’ve only been to a con once and it was 55 dollars just for a day pass.

    Have fun~

  3. Debbie Miller replied:

    Ahhh! So happy & excited for you-I can’t wait to get a full report upon your return, Have a safe, fun trip! Wish I was going with ya!

  4. Nia replied:

    Thats so exciting, the Toy Fair is a wonderful time for these amazing companies to showcase their new products as well as remind us how fabulous they are. I’m just wondering, will the new doll store Maru and Friends be in attendance? Will you meet with them? They are such beautiful dolls I feel like they need to be there so they can get the word out of all they do! Awesome dolls.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Maru and Friends didn’t have a booth. Good news, though, I think I’m getting one for review soon!

  5. Joanne replied:

    Hello Ashley! Why do you think the HFHG Dolls were discontinued?

    You see, I’ve been waiting for them to release a Lithuanian girl. It’s because lot of people commit suicide in Lithuania, and my favorite singer, Donny Montell, is Lithuanian, so that’s why I wanted a girl from Lithuania. If you aren’t familiar with Donny Montell, you can just search him up.

    If the Lithuanian girl was actually released, she would be named Rūta. The cause that she is trying to contribute to is suicide prevention. Two of her cousins have killed themselves. As for Rūta’s appearance, she has wavy flaxen hair styled into pigtails with a green ribbon, light skin, Lilian’s face mold, and Kiwi Green eyes. She wears a white jacket with a hood,two pockets, several buttons and it has a pattern of clouds. Underneath,she wears a shirt with a picture of a flower. She also wears a tie-dye skirt and green moccasins. She wears amber colored bracelets and matching stud earrings. Her bracelet charm is amber;unlike other dolls’ charms, Rūta’s is transparent. Lastly, the trivia on her fact sheet is “Lithuania is known for its amber.” and her box color is yellow.

    The objects found on Rūta’s collage are listed below. I will list each item and its description.

    Here are the 8 objects you can find on Rūta’s collage:

    Amber nugget: “This is an authentic Baltic Amber pebble. It’s my lucky charm!”
    Baltic seaside:”I love to swim in the Baltic sea!”
    Beach house:”I live in Klaipėda, a town by the seacoast.”
    Cathedral window:”The Church of St. Casimir has amazing stained-glass windows!”
    Cirrus cloud:”Cloud-watching is one of my hobbies!”
    Donny Montell:”Donny Montell is my favorite singer! “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” is my favorite song!”
    Rope:”I want to stop people from killing themselves here in Lithuania.”
    Rue Flower:”The Rue is Lithuania’s national flower.

    If Rūta was actually released, will you buy her?

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