Toy Fair 2015- Lottie

I’ve been a huge fan of Lottie since I reviewed one in 2012.  It’s been amazing watching the line grow!  I had the pleasure of meeting Ian and Lucie, creators of Lottie, at Toy Fair this year to learn about what is new in Lottie land.

For those who enjoy video, Lucie shot a quick little video for me.  You can watch it below.

Toy Fair 2015- Arklu's Lottie

I love the variety of Lottie dolls available.  For 2015, there are two new science themed sets, Fossil Hunter Lottie and Stargazer Lottie. Both are adorable, as I’ve come to expect with this line.

Toy Fair 2015- Arklu's Lottie

Toy Fair 2015- Lottie

There’s also a number of other Lottie’s to look out for.  My personal favorite is the 50’s/Rockabilly Lottie.  She’s so cute!  I love her entire look from head to toe!  And her glasses?!  I love them!

Toy Fair 2015- Arklu's Lottie

Pony Club Lottie is a two set!  It comes with Lottie and a perfectly scaled horse.

Toy Fair 2015- Arklu's Lottie

Muddy Puddles is another cutie, all decked out in her raincoat, ready to play in the rain.

Toy Fair 2015- Arklu's Lottie

All these new releases look very promising and I’m sure kids (and adults) will adore them!  They also had some of there older dolls on display, though I must have missed Finn.  (I don’t remember seeing him anywhere on the display!) Robot Girl Lottie (and Busy Lizzie, her robot friend sold separately) are adorable.  It’s another example of how out of the box Arklu (the company behind Lottie) is thinking.  Have you ever seen a doll in this size marketed as a robot maker?  I haven’t!

Toy Fair 2015- Arklu's Lottie

To see all the photo’s I took at the Lottie booth, check out my Flickr album.  As always, visit Lottie’s website for more information about this fantastic doll line.

Which Lottie is your favorite?  Share your thoughts below!



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