Toy Fair- Double Dutch Dolls

The first appointment I booked for Toy Fair was Double Dutch Dolls.  Double Dutch Dolls is a book and vinyl doll line featuring six multicultural girls.  I knew of Double Dutch Dolls, but had never seen them in person.  This year at Toy Fair, that finally changed!  I liked the dolls when I saw them on the website, but I loved the dolls when I saw them in person!

Here’s a video introduction on the line hosted by the owner and founder of Double Dutch Dolls!

Toy Fair 2015- Double Dutch Dolls

Starting with the books, there are currently three in the series.  They introduce you to 14 year old twins, Kaila and Zaria, and their friends.  The book series and doll line strive to represent girls of many backgrounds. Here’s a quick run down of the characters in the Double Dutch Dolls line.  Twins Kaila and Zaria are African-American.

Toy Fair 2015- Double Dutch Dolls
Toy Fair 2015- Double Dutch Dolls

Alainna is Hispanic.

Toy Fair 2015- Double Dutch Dolls

Sascha is African-American (darker skin tone than the twins).  Sascha is my favorite, I think.  Currently, it’s a close race between her and Alainna. But, then again, Kadence is pretty, too!  It’s so hard to choose!

Toy Fair 2015- Double Dutch Dolls

Trinity is African-American and Norwegian.

Toy Fair 2015- Double Dutch Dolls

Kadence is Irish, German and Asian. While other 18″ lines have featured African-American characters, I can’t think of many that have characters with Euro-Asian backgrounds like Kadence.

Toy Fair 2015- Double Dutch Dolls

One nice detail in the Double Dutch Doll line is that they have gone out of the way to give the dolls quality hair. Every doll has a different style and texture to her hair. I love the variety!

Toy Fair 2015- Double Dutch Dolls
Toy Fair 2015- Double Dutch Dolls
Toy Fair 2015- Double Dutch Dolls

The dolls are also dressed very stylishly! There are a number of pieces they wear that I would love to own! And their shoes? Fantastic!  As far as I can tell, Double Dutch Dolls is a quality 18″ line that is on par with A Girl for All Time or Maru and Friends.  It’s totally worth taking a closer look at!  You can find out more information about Double Dutch Dolls on their website or on Facebook.  To see a few more photos, stop over to my Flickr Album.

Who’s your favorite Double Dutch Doll?  Do you own one?  What do you think of yours?  Share your thoughts below!  (Also, sorry about the weird image sizing in these Toy Fair posts!!!  Flickr is doing it, not me!)


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  1. sondrabj replied:

    All of their faces are beautiful and I love their outfits!

  2. Bad touch Bear replied:

    Are their face molds different or just different eye shapes and eyebrows?

    They kinda looked the same but I REALLY liked all those dolls.
    What is up with their joints tho? Do they rotate?

  3. Linda replied:

    I believe Emily from Toybox Philosopher (thoroughly) reviewed the Double Dutch twins.

  4. jSarie replied:

    I have Sascha, and she’s a nice quality doll (I was particularly impressed with the jointing). I was actually surprised by how much I liked her, so I’m glad to see the line getting attention.

    And it’s brilliant to see what the three upcoming releases look like in their 3D forms – I’d been wondering when they’d be produced.

  5. A Doll Blogger at Toy Fair | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] other exhibitors that stayed with me were creating fantastic multicultural dolls. Double Dutch Dolls displayed their line for the first time at Toy Fair. It was great being able to see their 18” […]

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