Toy Fair 2015- MGA Entertainment

I don’t have much to uncover from my visit with MGA Entertainment at Toy Fair this year.  The big thing– the thing I know you all want to know about– wasn’t actually on display.  Yes, I’m talking about the Bratz relaunch. According to my rep, we won’t see hide nor hair of Bratz until this summer at the earliest.

My MGA appointment was kind of weird.  They had a huge showroom, but I was actually shepherded to an office right outside the showroom.  Inside the office, there were some upcoming Lalaloopsy releases and samples of the new Vi and Va dolls. Don’t get me wrong, it was a huge honor to be able to even get past the front desk, but, being my first Toy Fair, it made for a different sort of booth visit than I had experienced.  You may have seen many of these products already on store shelves, but in case you haven’t, here you go!

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

We’ll start with Vi and Va.  I’m still not 100% sure what I think of them.  They’re cute, but I don’t see a lot of pizzazz in them. That being said, I still haven’t really played with them or seen enough of them to really judge.

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

There were four new basic Lalaloopsy’s on display.  Mona Arch Wings is very cute!

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

This new Stretchy Hair Lalaloopsy has stretchy hair, kind of like a Stretch Armstrong.

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

There were some Lalaloopsy Girls in the room, too. Here are some photos of the new basic Lalaloopsy Girls.

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

Isn’t this one a cutie?

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

You may have seen Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair videos popping up on YouTube recently. These girls have hair that is super easy to style. The texture of the hair feels similar to how a yarn dipped in glue would, but it has the ability to hold whatever style you would like!

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

There were four dolls on display. Scoops Waffle Cone was my favorite!

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

Brand new in 2015 are the Lalaloopsy Tinies.  They are very, very small Lalaloopsy’s!

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

For the little chef’s in your house, MGA also has a Lalaloopsy Oven available!

Toy Fair 2015- MGA

So, that’s what I saw from MGA at Toy Fair.  For more pictures, check out my flickr album.

What do you think of these new releases?  Share your thoughts below!


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One Comment

  1. generationnext replied:

    MGA is being super tight with Bratz. That’s good. No more lawsuits. They’ve gotten tighter security.

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