Toy Fair 2015- Zeenie Dollz

Zeenie Dolls have been around for a few years now.  Zeenie Dollz are 12″ tall and have 24 points of articulation.  They are made of ABS plastic and TPS, making them recyclable.  There are currently six dolls: Zennia, Sini, Kazumi, Yana, Evee and Lini.

Toy Fair 2015- Zeenie Dollz

For their first year or so, Zeenie Dolls were sold on their own website only, but they have recently started popping up on websites like Toys R Us and Amazon.  The main reason I haven’t yet purchased and reviewed one of these is all due to price.  If something is more than $25.00 and I’ve never seen it in person, I am hesitant to spend the money.  We all have experienced a situation where we bought something off a promotional photo just to find that the produced doll had many changes made to it.  Originally priced at $50.00, they were a little steep for my budget!  (However, at the time of this posting, they look to be $20.00! Get em’ while you can!)

I was super excited to see that Zeenie Dollz was showing at Toy Fair this year.  Finally, a chance to see them in person!  Here are some photos taken from the booth.  (I really, really wanted to fix their flyaway hairs, but didn’t want to ruin their display!!!)

Toy Fair 2015- Zeenie Dollz

Toy Fair 2015- Zeenie Dollz

Toy Fair 2015- Zeenie Dollz

Toy Fair 2015- Zeenie Dollz

Toy Fair 2015- Zeenie Dollz

Toy Fair 2015- Zeenie Dollz

Toy Fair 2015- Zeenie Dollz

The one below is my favorite.

Toy Fair 2015- Zeenie Dollz

There was a new line on display, as well, but no photos were allowed.  I’ll keep you posted on this upcoming line!

Overall, it was great getting to see these guys in person.  There are things I find strange about them (the coloring on some of the dolls is odd and the hair texture seems hard to manage), but they are rather cute. I love their inset eyes, hair colors and jointing!  Check out my flickr album for more images.

You can find Zeenie Dolls online, on facebook and on twitter.  Do you own a Zeenie Doll?  What do you think of the line?  Share your thoughts below.


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  1. barbielea replied:

    Beautiful! I’d love to see these dolls make it over the Atlantic, I’d definitely buy them. They remind me a little of Moxie Teenz, though from the sound if it they are closer to Barbie size. I’d need to experiment, obviously, but it also looks to me like they could be used as rebodying material for Barbies, although they’re probably a pricey option.

  2. 39yearslame replied:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve seen them around on the Toys R Us and Amazon sites, but (like you) I was hesitant to pay that much for a doll I’d never seen in person. Seeing your photos and hearing about your impressions of them–not to mention learning about the sale price!–has been really helpful.

    Now I just have to figure out which one to get….

  3. SaturdaySequins replied:

    I love the redhead and the one with the purply-pink hair. I don’t have any Zeenie dolls, because I also need to see a doll in person first, but from what I’ve seen, they’re pretty cute.

  4. Anonymous replied:

    oh my gosh these dolls are so pretty and awsome do they hve any zeenie dollz for 20.00

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