Toy Fair 2015- Corolle

Another doll company at Toy Fair was Corolle.  Corolle is based in France. Like some of the other lines I have covered, Corolle dolls have a strong European feel to them.  With faces that are plainer and more childlike than many US dolls, Corolle has made an impact on the industry since it debuted in 1979.  Corolle makes soft body baby dolls for the youngest of babies (Babi Corolle) to 14″ vinyl dolls made for imaginative play that are perfect for those 4 and up (Les Chéries Corolle and Mademoiselle Corolle).

Here are some of the items that were displayed at the Corolle booth this year at Toy Fair. Below are examples of the 14″ Les Cheries Corolle.  They have some very fun fashions and I love the sunglasses!

Toy Fair 2015- Corolle

Toy Fair 2015- Corolle

Toy Fair 2015- Corolle

Here are some examples of more baby friendly Corolle dolls.

Toy Fair 2015- Corolle

Toy Fair 2015- Corolle

Toy Fair 2015- Corolle

Toy Fair 2015- Corolle

Toy Fair 2015- Corolle

In the past, I’ve used Miss Corolle outfits to dress my Little Miss No Name. They have some very nice fashions for 14″ dolls available.  Of everything I saw from Corolle at Toy Fair, the Les Chéries Corolle are my favorite. Their little round faces are simple, but cute.  I particularly like the dolls with freckles! On top of that, they have some super cute fashions.

For more photos, check out my flickr album.  You can find Corolle online, as well as on facebook, and twitter. Do you have a favorite Corolle doll?  Share your thoughts below!


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One Comment

  1. erika63 replied:

    Thank you for interesting post. I too like the Corolle dolls. I have bought them for my daughters since they were babies. I particularly liked their facial expressions, as well as the fact that the plastic is good quality (non-phalates etc).

    The latest we have bought for our daughters are Les Cheries. They are lovely, with great fashion – but so expensive!!! Also, the dolls have a very stern, “French” expression – which is sometimes good! 🙂

    Since discovering American Girl dolls in the US five years ago, we all live in an AG frenzy, which I love. But my girls are growing up so fast! We still love them though, although we are alarmed about recent changes at AG / Mattel (for the worse!). I sew a lot of dolls’ clothes for my daughters’ and their friends’ dolls. (See

    Have a great day.

    Best wishes, Erika / Stockholm

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