Mattel’s new Play, Rate and Review Program

UPDATE June 2016: While it seems this program still exists and people are receiving alerts from it, I never have. The page originally used to sign up now redirects to Mattel’s page.

Recently, Mattel started posting about a new Play, Rate and Review program open to anyone and everyone in the United States. The idea, from what I gather, is that the company will be putting products up on their website.  If you want to review an item you see, you’ll select it and Mattel will ship it to you free of charge.  After that, you’re obligated to review that item on the program’s website.  Now, that’s just my idea of what this program will be based off the FAQ’s.  It could be completely different.  We’ll have to wait and see.



This program covers all Mattel products, not just Barbie’s.  I signed up a week ago to see what this was all about. So far, I have yet to see anything appear on the site for review. To sign up for yourself, visit Mattel’s special website.

Do you think this will help or hinder Mattel?  Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Christian Homeschooler replied:

    Sounds interesting. Do you know if people under 18 can do it?

  2. Sarah Crewe replied:

    I read that after 6 months you have to KEEP OR DESTROY the products you receive, I don’t understand that at all ! Free stuff is awesome, not if you can’t get rid of it, things do pile up you know.

  3. janice9487 replied:

    I just received a playset in the mail from them to review, they had sent an email with 3 things to choose from you pick one and they sent it right away.Then from what I understand I write a review on their website within like 3 weeks.

    • dee replied:

      Do you mind add me because you can only join by invite only

      • nwkshrngreeneyes3855 replied:

        has anuone received anything more from them? i just got the one [well really 2 products,i think they are with wal mart spark review,which is stil in high gear,are yu in walmart sparker? i am hoping to hear from mattel:)

        • kewpie83 replied:

          I never received anything from this program. My mom did twice, though. I personally think Mattel didn’t expect to get such a big response and needs to re-work the program a bit.

          • Danelle Tricker replied:

            I would love to get a referral to it if any one possibly has one. It sounds like a great program

          • nwkshrngreeneyes3855 replied:

            i rote them and still have nt heard anything back?? i think they are with wl mart,anyine with mattel,with wal mart spark review?

  4. Jessica replied:

    I signed up on 3/12/15 and haven’t received any emails yet. Anyone else get a response besides Janice?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I know a few people on Twitter who have received product. Family members, too. I have yet to receive any sort of e-mail about freebies, though.

      • Jessica replied:

        Thanks for the response. 🙂

  5. Sandy replied:

    Hi, I received my email, selected my product, receive the product of choice, did my review and it was approved in about a three week time frame! Love the program and love the products!!!!

    • dee replied:

      Do you mind add me because its by invite onky

      • kewpie83 replied:

        Dee, I think Mattel has to approve you, not members. Sorry!

        • dee replied:

          They say a member have to send you a invite

  6. nwkshrngreeneyes3855 replied:

    Ireceived an invitefrom Mattel and have done a review I also did pictures before and after really fun project that you can do up till 5 times,I think they are afflitayed with walmart’s spark review which i am also with another invite only,I have not had anything form mattel sinceb the one review nd a bit concerened,will be writing to them,.I was on a vaction when i received the invite and they accpted me after i sent my information the thing i really loved about mattel is they were going to have not only products from their lines ut also productsnot on shelves tell me that is not exciting being a reviewer who is not in this for the frebbies,bit,for rviewing poridcts.I have seen many products from other product review groubs being given away this is after they are uppose to be given partiess were samples are given out there,these compaines are catching on,be crefyl reviewersw.

    • loureykarina replied:

      hi I was wondering how you got the invitation for the walmart spark? I went to the website and typed it in and it says that it is by invitaton only. Can you please let me know

      • nwkshrngreeneyes3855 replied:

        you have to be invited ny wal mart my advice do some reviews on their site and realy go all out not just its a great product really do a review like you are talking with a friend,i love the program:) good luck:)

  7. Paula replied:

    Hi. In Brazil Mattel didn´t open a program like this and now they inform that applications are only by invitation. So, if you can and don´t mind, could you send me an invite for it ? I already email them at their website suggesting they extend the program to other countries also. Thanks a lot.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I believe Mattel has to invite you to join now. Members can’t.

  8. Tasha Marshall replied:

    I’m so interested in this program I can show you my Amazon rating

  9. loureykarina replied:

    i signed up also on this website this month and didnt believe it a first. So i signed up and got an email asking me to choose between 3 products, i choose one of the barbie sets and they said they were going to ship it. within a couple of days they shipped it and i recieved it today. I still couldnt believe it but yes it is true… they sent the barbie set for free and i did a review on it… my daughter loved it…

  10. Brandi replied:

    I signed up around November in 2014 and finally got an email in july 2015, since then i have received The Barbie Dreamhouse 2015, Barbie Airbrush, Way to wonderland raven queen set, Freak du chic scareground set, boo york boo york floatation station, Frozen magical castle, 17 in Draculaura doll, and the Ever after High Faybelle Thorn doll set. I was skeptical at first of it but then 5 of the items i chose finally came in the mail. Still havent received 3 of them. Seriously the best program ive ever been a part of

    • nwkshrngreeneyes3855 replied:

      vert lucky i have only 2 products and still waiting have written and n othing

      • Shana replied:

        I got my first e-mail 8/26 at 4pm but didn’t see it until 8/27 9pm. There were two products to choose from, but they were already “sold out”. :/

        • nwkshrngreeneyes3855 replied:

          I have no idea what is going on with this product review group,i am going to email them again.Are you with WALMART’S pspark reciew? i think that is bhow i received an invite form mattel,i onlu had then two products which were great,i loved trying them with the youngsters:) i am hoping to more:)

  11. Rebecca Floers replied:

    Hi my name is Rebecca Flores and I would be very interested in your review I have heard about them from a few friends and I would be interested in trying them out

  12. Billy Schultz replied:

    I would love to review the items but I don’t know anyone who could invite me 😦

  13. pamela robinson (@probinson603) replied:

    i would love to review products

  14. Sami Jo Carter replied:

    Are you able to still do this?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m not sure. I never received anything from it. I’m not sure Mattel thought the whole program through, to be honest.

      • Shelley replied:

        Yes Mattel still does the program, BUT they only invite you to sign up twice a year, the next sign up will be in winter. Mattel has to be the one to invite you, not members. But if you follow them on social media- they will notify you when the sign up period is. They had a lot of people sign up, so they don’t send everyone a chance to review an item. It’s random as far as I know. I have gotten about 5 items so far, and they do follow through and send you the toy and you have 2 weeks to review it. I hope that helps someone. 🙂

  15. Seiria replied:

    How do I sign up for it?

  16. Jackie replied:

    I received an offer to review this morning. They only open the review opportunities when there is a product needing to be tested. That is most likely why you weren’t able to get to the page. As far as I know it’s still active .

  17. Corinna Bryant replied:

    I got an invitation to join on June 9,2016 and a little more than a month later got an invite to choose a Thomas and Friends toy !!! Can’t wait till our toy arrives so my daycare kids can play , try and review . Was a bit sceptical that this was too good to be true well , now I’m a believer. Thanks Mattel!!! Corinna Bryant / home childcare provider and grandmother of 3 boys ages 1, 2 and 3 years old

  18. haribo7490 replied:

    I was supposed to get a Leah Shimmer and Shine doll but they said it was out of stock until 8/18 and that I would be receiving and email with a shipping confirmation at that time. It is 9/5 and I have never received an email I have sent multiple emails to the email address on the contact us form but no reply at all. It would definitely help Mattel in my opinion but no one can leave a review if they aren’t getting the products.

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