Dolly Review: Brobo- Pep

At Toy Fair, I visited the Hog Wild booth.  Hog Wild is known for novelty toys like the popular Squeeze Poppers.  They also have a line of cute plush that double as night lights called Brobo‘s. There are five Brobo characters: Brobo, Pep, Trex, Mumu and Dog.

Dog, Mumu, Pep, Trex, Brobo

Dog, Mumu, Pep, Trex, Brobo

These night-light buddies have three modes. Swipe your Brobo’s hand over the circle on his/her stomach one time to enter Flashlight mode.  In flashlight mode, the LEDS on your Brobo’s stomach light up to their brightest point.


Shine Force Light

Swipe the circle again and the lights will dim into Nightlight mode. Finally, swipe the hand over the circle one last time to turn the light off completely. Brobo’s are equipped with a five-minute automatic shut off, to help conserve the three AA batteries located safely inside their oversized heads.



This is Pep.  Pep is a baby pink robot and about 13″ tall.  She has an oversized stuffed head with large, cartoonish stitched features. Pep’s eyes are very similar to what you might see in a 1960’s anime or, more recently, an episode of the Power Puff Girls.  Her body is 95% plush.  The only hard part is the circle atop Pep’s stomach, her Shine Force Light.  Pep is stuffed well and is very huggable. Because Brobo’s take 3 AA batteries, they are not machine washable. The battery compartment is cleverly hidden in the oversized head, so you can’t feel it from the outside.  It also includes an ‘off’ switch.

Cool, retro features!

Cool, retro features!

Design-wise, I love the look of Pep and the other Brobo’s.  Their oversized features are really cute.  I also like the concept.  It’s easy to turn the night-light function on and to manipulate it.  Pep or the other Brobo’s available would make a great friend for a child on a dark and stormy night.

Brobo, Pep and friends are also featured in an app, available for Android and IOS devices.  You can find Brobo‘s online.  What do you think of Pep and her friends?  Share your thoughts below!


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