Dolly Review: My Little Pony Express Subscription Box (April)

Late April, my My Little Pony Express subscription box arrived. (To see past box openings, visit here.)   What was in my April mystery box?  Here’s the reveal!

Italian Seashell

Italian Seashell

I received an Italian Seashell with a collector pose head that has no freckles or blaze.  This pony is in the sitting position, which is my favorite pose.  I think this is a very pretty pony!

Italian Seashell

Italian Seashell

I just so happen to own the US version of this pony.  Here’s a few shots of them together.  You’ll notice a few differences. As I mentioned before, the Italian pony has a collector pose head, as opposed to the head Bubbles uses, which curls in more. Italian Seashell looks straight ahead with no tilt of the head. Besides the Italian Seashell not having freckles or a blaze, it seems her cutie mark coloring and hair are a darker shade of green when compared to her US counterpart, as well.

US (left) Italian (right)

US (left) Italian (right)

And then, there are the blue eyes, which seem to be a staple when it comes to Italian My Little Ponies.  Similar to my other Italian ponies, the blue eyes seem to have been painted on quickly and aren’t perfect.

US (left) Italian (right)

US (left) Italian (right)

Besides Seashell, I also received a number of other fun accessories!  Like last month, I got a Dolly Mix pony, comb, seapony pin, Firefly sticker, seapony coloring sheet and, finally, a bandana from Oat Couture (seen on my US Seashell).

The entire box

The entire box

Did you receive a My Little Pony Express box in April?  Who did you receive? Let me know in the comment area!  And of course, don’t forget to check out My Little Pony Express on Facebook!


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One Comment

  1. Margaret Ann replied:

    Seashell is such a beautiful pony! I really like the position and the colors of this pony. It’s interesting to see the differences between US and Italian versions and I must say that I prefer the Italian one 😉

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