Dolly Review: JC Toys Berenguer Boutique La Newborn

Earlier this year, I posted pictures from the JC Toys booth at Toy Fair.  While I’m not a baby doll collector, I left the booth impressed with these realistic vinyl baby dolls.  There are a number of different baby dolls produced by JC Toys.  Made in Spain, these baby dolls come in both genders and diverse skin tones. Many of their vinyl dolls are anatomically correct and all are highly detailed.

Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

For review today is the Berenguer Boutique La Newborn Layette Gift Set from JC Toys (Amazon link).  Unlike many of their dolls, which are 100% vinyl, this La Newborn is made with a soft body and vinyl limbs. She’s 15.5″ tall.

Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

This baby girl is adorable. Her inset, steely grey eyes have specs of silver in them.  They look really, really nice and are my favorite thing about this doll.  Her glassy gaze is just enchanting. Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

Adding to that, she has the cutest  expression on her face.  Her half-open eyes, chubby cheeks and open mouth make her look like she’s actually looking up at you.  There’s a sense of wonderment in her expression that isn’t seen on lesser quality baby dolls. Her head is blushed to make it look like she has hints of hair.

Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

One thing I gushed over at Toy Fair were the details on the arms and legs of the JC Toys baby dolls and this La Newborn is no exception. Her hands and feet are incredibly detailed, with unique hand molds that include baby wrinkles, fingers that are sculpted in multiple positions and finger nails.

Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

Her legs are just as detailed, with little wrinkles around the thighs, the cutest knees and darling little feet.  I love the little wrinkles around her ankle and her cute little toes. Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

Also worth noting is the body blushing, which is really well done.

Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

This baby girl comes dressed in a striped onesie, pink socks and a pink hat. Her outfit is fastened with velcro, so you can easily remove it and redress her.  While her torso is stuffed, her arms and legs move up and down well.  They even hold poses.  Her head doesn’t turn as willingly as her arms and legs. Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

Also included in this set is a baby blanket that you can tie around your baby doll, a birth certificate, pacifier, bottle and pacifier holder.  Both the pacifier and bottle fit in this girls open mouth well.  The hands are even molded in a way that makes it look like she’s realistically holding them. Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

Needless to say, this baby doll stole my heart almost immediately. She’s not the most affordable baby doll around, but if you’re looking to gift a quality baby doll to someone, you want to check out JC Toys. Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn

Berenguer Boutique Le Newborn For more information on JC Toys, visit their website, facebook or twitter. Also online is their 2015 Catalog.  You’ll find lots of fun baby dolls of all shapes, sizes and colors.  All the pictures above can be found on Flickr.

Contest: That’s not all, though!  JC Toys has agreed to give one lucky US reader a La Newborn of their very own! To win a doll just like the one I reviewed, fill out the google form below!  Earn extra entries for liking JC Toys on Facebook, and/or following them on Twitter. The contest ends June 6th and is US only.  (Sorry, international readers!) What do you think of this adorable Berenguer Boutique Baby doll? Share your thoughts below! (The contest is now over. Thanks for entering!)

This product was received for a fair and honest review.  All opinions stated are my own.

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  1. samcollectsdolls replied:

    She’s so cute! Do you think she’d fit newborn clothes?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      This doll is too small for newborn clothes, I think. Preemie clothing *might* fit. Some of the other dolls, the ones that are all vinyl and a little larger, would probably fit real baby clothing easier. This doll is only 15.5″ tall, which is shorter than your average newborn.

  2. discodiva replied:

    Nice! You mentioned the doll stole your heart-did you end up getting it? She really looks so life like-exactly like a newborn.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Well, since she was sent for review, I get to keep her. 🙂 I may buy more, though! They’re too cute!

      • Anonymous replied:

        I submitted my name and email address did u receive it?

        • kewpie83 replied:

          If you filled out the form, then yes, I received it.

  3. Naomi Arango replied:

    Hello, I loveeeee to watch all the reviews u do they r awesome… But this one …. This one I LOVE …. I LOVE JC TOYS they r to adorable I really hope u choose me 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I’ve been wanting one 1 year ago but haven’t been able to and I really would love to have that baby I’m sooo happy u did this review I love u sooo much!!!! Xoxo✌️✌️✌️😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Bee Mayes replied:

    extremely lifelike! I would love this doll!

  5. Anonymous replied:

    Love the baby dolls. The only dolls in my collection!!

  6. Lisa Shepherd replied:


  7. Pat Cullen replied:

    I rescued a small berenguer from a thrift store and jut got an 11″ la baby … I like that they are not tooo “real” (thought I appreciate the artwork of reborns… the berenguers are just really sweet to look at.

    • Pat Cullen replied:

      meant “though” not “thought”

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  9. Keira wood replied:

    Hello, I was just wondering if this newborn actually drinks?

  10. Naperville Doll Show January 2018 | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] mom has always liked the Berenguer Baby I reviewed a few years back, so one of her bigger purchases was this newborn set with a baby boy […]

  11. Karl Friedrichson replied:

    I like Paradise Galleries dolls better. They pay attention to the details and color the faces a bit more to make them look even more realistic. They even hand-paint their fingernails.

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