Dolly Review: Rockabilly Lottie

My favorite of this new range of 2015 Lottie’s is Rockabilly Lottie.  How could you not love her?  This 1950’s inspired Lottie is too cute for words.  However, since this is a blog and words are kind of important, I will find some for this review.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Rockabilly Lottie shares the same body as other Lottie’s– a head that turns left and right (no tilt), shoulder and hip joints that turn up and down and move out and clickable knees.  (For more details on Lottie’s body, check out my earlier reviews–Autumn Leaves and Muddy Puddles.)

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

With a head of rooted dark brown hair, accented with an elastic pink headband and bow, Rockabilly Lottie has tons of personality! Behind her cherry red cats eye glasses are two forest green eyes.  I love that Lottie’s are coming in different colors; it seems like the majority so far have had blue eyes.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

I’m also a fan of the way the glasses were made.  Usually doll eyes will be obscured a bit by the ‘lenses’ in the glasses, but Lottie’s eyes are clear and easy to see.  Her glasses are held on with rubber bands.  I recommend keeping these on the doll, rubber bands intact, because Lottie’s ears don’t look like they could hold these on.  Also worth noting is the plastic holding Rockabilly Lottie’s bangs in place.  It doesn’t bother me and since it doesn’t really hit Lottie’s vinyl, I’m keeping it on for now.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Lottie has the same light ballet pink lips as Muddy Puddles.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

I ‘dig’ Rockabilly Lottie’s outfit.  It’s fantastic and totally tells a story. Lottie wears a blue and white varsity jacket with an L on the front and Lottie’s inspiring saying, “Be bold, be brave, be you” on the back.  Like all doll sized varsity jackets, the white sleeves are crafted with a smooth faux leather.  I would recommend not storing this Lottie in a warm, stale location.  I’ve seen too many jackets like this melt over time.  With normal storage or display, you should be fine, but just in case…

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Underneath her jacket is a long sleeve shirt with a pink musical note on the front.  Rockabilly Lottie comes with the line’s token striped leggings, which are paired with a light blue, tulle-like skirt that fans out like a poodle skirt would.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

I love the skirt!  It’s so cute and looks really neat with the striped leggings and varsity jacket.  Lottie comes wearing blue shoes.  As usual, they fit well and look great.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Rockabilly Lottie is my favorite Lottie produced so far.  She stands well, looks amazing and encourages kids to be themselves.  It can’t get any better than that.

Video review below.

For more information on where you can find Lottie, visit their website. Stay up to date with Lottie on facebook, as well. Other official pages include YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.  Photos of this Lottie and others can be found on my Flickr.

What do you think of Rockabilly Lottie?  Share your thoughts below!


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  2. anderson replied:

    I agree, really cute outfit!
    My Lottie’s glasses were a bit big too at first. However, if you soften them a bit in hot water you can easily reshape them so they’ll go on under the hair instead. The ears will keep them from slipping, no need for rubber bands!

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