Dolly Review: Lottie Doll Hair Care Accessory Set

As you know, we’ve been celebrating Lottie on the blog all week long.  With one more day to go, we’ve seen a lot of Lottie dolls so far! Lottie‘s have long, straight, rooted hair.  That makes it easy to put their hair in simple styles. To assist dolly owners in styling Lottie’s hair, Arklu has put together a Hair Care Accessory Set. It includes: a brush, 4 flower bands, 10 elastic bands and a cute little bag to store everything in.

Lottie Girls and Hair Care Set

Lottie Girls and Hair Care Set

Being totally honest, you don’t need this set.  You can find most of these items at your local convenience store.  However, if you’re looking for an ‘extra’ to package with a Lottie doll you’re giving a friend or family member, this is a nice add on.  The colors used in the hair bands (purple, pink and blue) are pretty and the corduroy drawstring bag can be used to carry much more than just hair accessories.  I am going to be keeping small Lottie accessories in the bag.  The hair bands themselves look like they could be used for a real child, as well as Lottie.  (I tested the hair bands, not the elastics, in my pigtails earlier today and they fit my fine, straight hair well.)

Hairstyling suggestios

Hairstyling suggestions

This doesn’t come with detailed instructions on styling, but I highly doubt you’ll need that.  The brush is nice, though I feel something smaller would have worked a little better on Lottie’s tiny head.  There’s not much more to say about this set other than this- as an add on that is packaged with a doll, this would make a nice self made ‘gift set’.

For more information on where you can find Lottie, visit their website. Stay up to date with Lottie on facebook, as well. Other official pages include YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.  Photos of this Lottie and others can be found on my Flickr.

What do you think of this Hair Care Accessory Set?  Share your thoughts below.

*This item was received for a fair and honest review.  All opinions stated are my own.

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Dolly Review: Special Edition ‘Gold Collection’ Stargazer Lottie

We’re midway through Lottie Week here at Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter.  You’ve seen Muddy Puddles and Rockabilly Lottie.  Now it’s time to introduce you to Stargazer Lottie!  Stargazer Lottie comes with more extras than your typical Lottie doll and has a unique coppery, ginger hair color.  She is a joint collaboration between Arklu and the European Space Agency.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Stargazer Lottie has the same body as your typical Lottie doll. Her head will turn left and right.  Her shoulders and hips will tilt out and move up and down.  Lottie has clickable knees.  She doesn’t have elbow or wrist joints. (More detailed information on this can be found in past reviews.)

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

As I mentioned earlier, this Lottie has my favorite hair color of the lot!  It’s a coppery ginger color styled in the traditional Lottie style.  I love this color, I really do!  Because her hair is long and straight, you can easily comb or style it.  She has blue eyes and pink lips, like Muddy Puddles Lottie.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Talk about separates, this Lottie comes chalk full of fantastic clothing pieces.  The standout piece is the super soft blue velvet jacket, lined with an equally soft light brown fabric.  It looks so cute on Lottie and fits her well.  Better still, her jacket doesn’t limit her shoulder joints movement.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Under her jacket she wears a long-sleeved shirt and dark pink corduroy jumper.  Lottie also wears striped tights.  I like the blue tones in her tights.  It’s a nice change from the pink Lottie’s tend to feature. Stargazer Lottie doesn’t wear sneakers, but brown boots.  Of course, you can remove all these items if you’d like to redress her.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

The fun doesn’t end there, however, because Stargazer Lottie comes with more than just the clothes on her back. She has a polka dotted brown scarf and dark brown hat, as well.  Both are nice pieces, though I feel the hat is a bit strange looking, especially in the back. By far the coolest accessory included with this doll is her telescope.  The telescope comes in 5 pieces.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

You have to put it together on your own, but that’s easy.  The design allows for the telescope to move like the real thing (up, down, left and right).  Of course, you can’t see through the telescope, but you can pretend and it’s perfectly scaled for Lottie (when standing next to it). My main problem with the telescope is that because of Lottie’s limited jointing, it’s hard to make her look like she’s exploring the sky with it.  For her to look through the telescope, it has to be pointed down, because she doesn’t have jointing that will help her realistically bend forward. (Unless you guys figured out a good way to pose her that will allow her to look up!)  Still, it’s a small gripe, as I love the look and feel of the piece.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Also packaged with this Lottie are tiny cardboard signs with graphics of the planets. Pluto is not included.  (Sorry, to me, Pluto will always be a planet because ‘My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine’ makes no sense whatsoever without adding ‘pizza’ at the end.  I don’t care what science says about it.) Small side note, my doll was packaged with two Jupiter cards. (Maybe one was supposed to be Pluto?) There is also a small poster that talks a little about the European Space Agency and famous females in astronomy.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

I’m a huge fan of Stargazer Lottie.  Her copper hair is a gorgeous shade and her outfit has a nice variety of colors and separates.  Stargazer Lottie is a great addition to the Lottie line. For more information on where you can find Lottie, visit their website.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Stay up to date with Lottie on facebook, as well. Other official pages include YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Photos of this Lottie and others can be found on my Flickr.

Video Review below:

Do you love Stargazer Lottie as much as I do?  Do you think they need to continue experimenting with cool hair colors like this?  Share your thoughts below.

*This product was sent to me for a fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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