Dolly Review: Lottie’s Friend, Kite Flyer Finn

In my earliest review of the Lottie line, I wondered if Arklu would ever release a male friend for Lottie.  Arklu listened and later released this boy doll named Finn.  Early Finn’s had some issues, mostly in the hair department, but I’m happy to report that the company heard and have made some slight tweaks to the doll since his debut.  This version I’m reviewing is the 2nd edition release. Say hello to Kite Flyer Finn.

Arklu Lottie Finn

Since Lottie is modeled after a young child, it allows Finn to use the same or a very similar body to Lottie.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

This means that clothing is interchangeable between the two dolls. Above is a Lottie wearing some of Finn’s clothing pieces. I love Finn’s outfit.  One thing companies get wrong a lot of times is outfitting their male dolls.  Arklu got it just right.

Arklu Lottie Finn

Finn wears a cool dark blue vest that is lined with a fun bright green. Like Lottie, he wears a long sleeve shirt.  Finn’s two toned grey shirt features a bright red star.

Arklu Lottie Finn

Instead of pants, Finn wears long cargo shorts with real pockets.  He wears red shoes.  The attention to detail is great on all the Arklu releases.

Arklu Lottie Finn

What really draws Finn apart from Lottie (besides being a boy doll) is his face and hair.  We’ll start with his face. Where Lottie has round eyes, Finn’s are more oval.  They are a fun shade of green with a pronounced side glance. Finn’s painted eye brows are a dark brown.

Arklu Lottie Finn

His face mold is more angled than Lottie’s, which gives him a unique look. Finn shares Lottie’s jointing. His head turns left and right. His shoulders move well (up, down and out). His hip joints allow his legs to move up and down, as well as out. Like Lottie, he has clickable knees.

Arklu Lottie Finn

When Finn first hit store shelves, I remember hearing comments about his hair.  Clearly, Arklu heard this and made some changes, because I don’t see anything wrong with the doll I received.  His rooted dark brown hair is styled in a boy cut. I think it looks nice from the front.

Arklu Lottie Finn

The back is a little strange, but honestly, it’s hard to get a boy cut perfect on a doll.  If the front looks good, and in this case it does, I’m okay with a little bit of strangeness in the back.

Arklu Lottie Finn

Finn comes with a cute kite.  When positioned just right, he can hold the kite himself.

Arklu Lottie Finn

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Video review below.

Arklu "Lottie" Dolls

Overall, I’m very happy with Finn. What do you think of Kite Flyer Finn?  Share your thoughts in the comment area.

Arklu Lottie Finn

For more information on where you can find Lottie, visit their website. Stay up to date with Lottie on facebook, as well. Other official pages include YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.  Photos of this Lottie and others can be found on my Flickr.  And, of course, check out my past Lottie posts here.

*This product was given to me for a fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Blackkitty replied:

    I think he would benefit a lot from some colour in the lips but otherwise he is great and the clothes are outstanding! Bonus points for the ability to share with Lottie. Do the shoes fit each other too?

  2. Beatrix replied:

    A Lottie week, what a nice idea. I’d love it if they came out with another male version; red or blond hair and freckles would be great on him. If they don’t I might have to try customization, although I’d prefer an Arklu original. Also a “variety rain boot pack” would be fun to have. I find these dolls even prettier in “person.” Right now I have Finn, his fishing set, and Pandora. But Banksea Festival and the pirate are next on my list. The whole pirate treasure concept really captures the childhood concept for me. Great value in these dolls which feel so nice and solid in the hand.

  3. Teresa B replied:

    Oh he’s SO CUTE! I may have to get a Lottie and Finn for my collection!

  4. Dolly Review: Junior Reporter Sammi and Astro Adventures Outfit (Lottie) | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] His dark brown hair looks a little longer than Finn’s. It’s styled differently, too. (Finn has a side part style.) There’s more texture to it, as well, though not as much as we saw […]

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