Dolly Review: 6″ My Little Pony Fair/SDCC Exclusive Chicken Pinkie Pie

I showed you a sneak peek of Chicken Pinkie Pie in my My Little Pony Fair recap and now, for you today, I have a more detailed post about this exclusive figure from Hasbro. There’s not a lot to say about this pony, to be honest.  The idea for this was inspired by a season 2 episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic called Luna Eclipsed.  The episode followed Pinkie Pie as she and the other ponies celebrated a Halloween like holiday.

Chicken Pinkie Pie

Chicken Pinkie Pie came packaged in a box that mimicked carry out chicken. While cool, it was a bit obnoxious to carry around with me. Thank goodness we had a car nearby.

Chicken Pinkie Pie

She has ‘Derpy’ style eyes, which mean her decal eyes are in different positions.

Chicken Pinkie Pie

Her chicken outfit is removable. It has a beak, held on with see-through elastic, yellow tights that cover her hind legs and a soft white chicken suit to finish the look. Her head moves left and right, but her legs are not jointed.

Chicken Pinkie Pie

Chicken Pinkie Pie

I’m not a collector of G4 ponies. They’re too small and too similar line after line for my tastes, however, these 6″ ponies are something I keep an eye on. I had to google the reference, but I like her uniqueness, which I don’t see a lot in the current G4 line.

Chicken Pinkie Pie

Chicken Pinkie Pie retailed at $50.00, which is the absolute max I would pay for this exclusive. While neat, paying any more than that would be over paying for her, I think, so be careful if you’re trying to buy her second hand.  In my opinion, triple digit prices, like the one’s currently on eBay, are much too high.

Video Review Below:

What do you think of Chicken Pinkie Pie? Is she worthy of being an SDCC/MLP Fair exclusive? Share your thoughts below.


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One Comment

  1. Sunny replied:

    Hehe, that chicken outfit is SO cute! I especially love the little beak… 😉

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