Dolly Review: The Queen’s Treasures 18″ Vintage Salvation Army Outfits

For review today are two vintage inspired Salvation Army outfits designed to fit 18″ dolls with bodies similar to American Girl or Madame Alexander Play. These are part of The Queen’s Treasures Doughnut Girls series.

The Queen's Treasures (Donut Girls series)

We’ll start with my favorite outfit– the military green vintage inspired Salvation Army uniform. I love this look! First off, the hat– her garrison cap fits my American Girls head well and looks great on her. It’s put together well and doesn’t have any loose strings or funny folds.  I especially like the detailed Salvation Army patch on the front of the cap.

The Queen's Treasures (Donut Girls Series)

The Queen's Treasures (Donut Girls Series)

The Queen's Treasures (Donut Girls series)

This outfit includes three pieces– the garrison cap, uniform jacket and full skirt. As opposed to snaps, this jacket uses velcro hidden underneath the decorative buttons running down the front. Be careful when you’re pulling the velcro, as only a small square of it is sewn on. The rest is free to make it easy to remove the outfit. I worry about pulling the velcro wrong and accidently ripping a stitch.  While this probably won’t happen, just be gentle with it.

The Queen's Treasures (Donut Girls series)

The Queen's Treasures (Donut Girls Series)

The jacket has real pockets, which is always a plus, even if most 18″ dolls this is designed to fit have limited jointing and most likely can’t use the pockets. The full skirt completes the outfit. It is a great length. It doesn’t touch the floor, so you’ll want to consider ordering matching boots (sold separately) if you’re the type that wants to have the entire look (from head to toe) perfectly period.

As far as fit on my model, the outfit is a little tight in the torso area. Pleasant Company girls like mine are plumper than the current American Girl line, so I’m not surprised the fit wasn’t perfect. However, this outfit fit much better than the last official American Girl outfit I purchased, which was very hard to get on my Girl of Today due to Mattel making the new girls skinnier than mine.

The Queen's Treasures (Donut Girls series)

The second outfit that fits the Salvation Army theme is the Doughnut Girls uniform. This uniform is simpler than the one above. It’s a round collar, long sleeved taupe dress with a full bib apron and red tie. This look isn’t as flashy as the green khaki uniform, but tells a story, nonetheless.

The Queen's Treasures (Donut Girls series)

It’s just as well put together as the first outfit. The dress was a little wrinkled upon arrival, so I had to play with it a bit.  As far as fit goes, the Doughnut Girls uniform runs a little tight in the neck area on my model, a Pleasant Company Samantha. Unlike the first uniform, this isn’t tight in the waist.

The Queen's Treasures (Donut Girls series)

I tried this outfit on a few other doll lines, like Maru and Friends and A Girl for All Time, but honestly? It didn’t work out very well. Both of those lines are much skinnier than American Girl because of their vinyl bodies, so the outfits were way too big for my tastes. Clothing from A Queen’s Treasures seems much better suited to dolls that fit the American Girl or Madame Alexander Play aesthetic. I wasn’t able to try this on any of the My Generation or other ‘store exclusive’ 18″ dolls because, alas, I don’t own any of those. It’s a safe bet that these outfits will fit your American Girl style dolls, though.

The Queen's Treasures (Donut Girls Series)

Overall, I like the look of these two outfits, as well as the craftsmanship. It’s great to know that there is still a line of clothing I can buy for my Pleasant Company dolls that isn’t afraid to go outside the realm of contemporary outfits. I’ll be keeping an eye on future lines to see what other fun outfits come out of The Queen’s Treasures.

Video Review Below:

To see more pieces from The Queen’s Treasures, visit their website or check them out on social media (facebook, pintrest, twitter).

What do you think of these vintage inspired Salvation Army outfits? Share your thoughts below.

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