Mystery Box Swap with Te2 Production

One thing I love about YouTube is how it connects people from all over the world.  A while back, I approached Eric from Te2Production about doing a mystery box swap.  Essentially, we would each put together a box of mystery items for the other to open on their YouTube channel.

We both received our packages this week and can finally share them with you!!! I had a blast preparing Eric’s mystery box.  In it I packaged a mixture of items he had on his wishlist and totally unique items that I decided he needed in his collection.

Here are a few highlights from what Eric received from me.  Besides tossing in a few items I’ve been waiting to gift to the right people, I purchased a very affordable Pinkie Cooper (yes, our local Toys R Us still has this long gone doll line), printed a super cool Sailor Moon bookend on the 3D printer and purchased some of the new Disney Descendants dolls.  To see everything that made the trip from the US to France, check out his video.  (Eric said he’d release some subtitles in the coming weeks, but it’s completely watchable, even with the language barrier!)

Now, what did I receive from this epic exchange of dolls and toys?  Let me show you!

Swap with Te2ProductionBelieve it or not, I didn’t buy many of the Monster High Haunted dolls, even though I found them to be really neat. Inside my mystery package were two– Draculaura and Twyla! There was also another Monster High doll, this one from Freaky Fusion, Cleolei!

Swap with Te2Production

This was a real surprise. Isn’t this Snow White cute? I adore her! She’ll fit in just fine with my Disney Animators Collection Mini Elsa. Swap with Te2Production I had on my wishlist something ‘french’. Anything french. This Eiffel Tower sign fits the bill completely. It’s totally tourist’y and I love it.

Swap with Te2Production

One thing I learned when I studied in Florence a long, long time ago was that the children’s magazines overseas are way cooler than the ones in the US. Maybe it’s just my local stores, but I never see any stock of magazines with toys included. Above are two paper goods packaged in my mystery box. The first one is a Monster High magazine showcasing Lagoona. It comes with lip gloss! The second item is a Panini sticker guide for Frozen.

Swap with Te2Production

Eric is a Sailor Moon fan, so I wasn’t surprised to find something Sailor Moon in my box. This is a cute phone fob. Currently, my phone is wearing a Digimon themed phone fob, but I’ll be switching to this Sailor Moon one soon! Swap with Te2Production

Here are some of the smaller items he sent. Little Miss must be bigger abroad than it is here. I’ve never seen any accessories, like pencils or notebooks, here in the States, just the books. Also pictured is a fantastic C3P0 magnet. (For those who don’t know, I collect C3P0 merchandise. See video below.) There was also a very cute dog eraser.

Swap with Te2Production

Last, Eric took the time to draw this amazing picture of me! I love it! It was one of the best things in the box. Not pictured is one last thing– a Disney Store Paris reusable bag. Perfect for packing these items up while I take my time opening them!

I had a lot of fun participating in this swap. Big thanks to Eric from Te2 Production on YouTube. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

And now, for the readers, have you ever participated in a mystery swap with a friend or stranger? What was your favorite part of the process? If you’re a blogger who is interested in doing something similar with me, let me know.

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