Dolly ReRoot: Little Miss No Name

One more post for 2015! My mother asked me to work on yet another Little Miss No Name re-root. I love working on LMNN’s, so I was happy to comply. (Check out my other LMNN posts here.)

Usually, my mom likes her LMNN’s to have blonde or brunette tones. For this re-root, she went in a different direction and chose a very different sort of color! This LMNN ended up with a wicked shade of Ultraviolet nylon hair. Ultraviolet is a warm grape tone and looks super cool.

Little Miss No Name ReRoot

This LMNN had a cut in her foot, which is why she’s currently wearing the large orange socks.

Little Miss No Name ReRoot

Little Miss No Name ReRoot

Little Miss No Name ReRoot

I believe I used 4-5 hanks on this girl, but I have to admit, I totally forgot to keep track– again. Both my mom and I agree that this hair calls for a groovy, hippy sort of outfit, which we’ll find for her eventually.

Happy New Year!

One of my resolutions for the new year is to do one re-root a month. I feel like I have 5,000 dolls sitting in my room waiting for new hair, so it’s about time I worked on them. And with that, I’ll leave you until 2016! Have a safe and happy new year!

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My Thoughts on the Monster High Reboot

So, the news of the Monster High 2016 reboot has clearly made some waves this past week. You guys have been awesome enough to share your thoughts on the subject, so I thought I’d share mine.

Monster High Trio with WM

When Monster High first hit store shelves, it was a very exciting time to be a doll collector. The whole journey from when the line was first announced to their eventual debut was great fun to follow. And the doll hunts in search of trying to find the first wave?  Tons of fun. My first Monster High purchase was Lagoona.  I was so excited to find her on the shelf!  And finding Holt and Ghoulia?  Also some very exciting and memorable moments in my doll collecting career. Personally, I know that without Monster High, my blog wouldn’t have found as many readers as it has over the years, so I am very grateful to the line.

The first two and a half years of Monster High may be my favorite. We had some fantastic lines like the original wave, Dawn of the Dance, Dead Tired, Sweet 1600, Schools Out… You must agree with me that we had some really cool Monster High releases in the early years and the anticipation of finding new characters was super high. The whole line had an addictive quality about it. Much like Pringles, buying just one in a wave was nearly impossible. I most likely have nearly every Monster High produced during those years, because all the dolls were worth buying and I really wanted to have a complete collection.

Deuce Monster High

That being said, the line started to fumble a little for me in 2014 and 2015. While I still enjoy the line, the addiction, the need, to buy every single one has long been gone. Now, I only collect new characters or re-releases that I think are pretty. I think a lot of us have been thinking the same thing this past year– that Mattel wasn’t paying enough attention to Monster High. They churned out a lot of dolls in the past two years and not all of them were made or designed well. Worse, some were just plain uninspired, stagnant and, dare I say, boring. A far cry from when they made their debut a few years prior.

So now it’s nearly 2016.  The line has had 5 successful years under its belt. But here’s the thing– everything’s gotta change sometimes and it looks like it’s Monster High’s time to do just that. Mattel has been making small tweaks to the line all the way since wave one. Some have been amazing– like eliminating the rubber band bodies and using Create a Monster bodies instead. (My first wave dolls have terribly loose limbs now. So sad!) Other changes, like cutting back on the length of the outfits that were already super short to begin with, not so much. (Friendly hint, Mattel, some of us make our dolls sit and the outfits need to be a little longer to do that in a lady like fashion.)

V-Day, Monster HIgh

So, this reboot isn’t the first time Mattel has tweaked Monster High. It is the first time, however, that they’ve decided to ‘go big or go home’. I understand why Mattel would decide to make one big change, over many small minor ones.  They want their changes to make an impact, not just seem like a mistake.

As far as the plans for 2016, I’m not going to jump to conclusions just yet. Yes, the redesign is a far cry from what we’re used to, but maybe the changes will reinvigorate the line, give it new life. I agree with those that say the large eyes make the characters look younger, more like junior high students. I’m not totally against that, though. The new look is a complete rework of the gothic monster dolls we were introduced to, but the redesign is kind of cute. They definitely give off an anime vibe. In a way, it’s almost like Mattel is taking a cue from some of the customs floating around the internet, many of which have more of an animated look to them.


I can totally see why people would be upset, though, because this new look doesn’t exactly jive with the ‘freaky flaws’ mentality of the original design. The redesign is way more cutesy and young than the teenage monsters we’re used to seeing. But, thankfully, if the re-design isn’t your thing, there’s a whole back catalog of dolls to collect on the secondary market. Think about the doll lines we’ve lost over the past five years that only lasted one or two waves (Pinkie Cooper anyone?). No one can say we didn’t receive a nice selection of dolls and tons of fun memories over the past 5 years of collecting Monster High dolls.

I guess my opinion of the changes can be summed up with one statement: wait and see. I’m willing to give the reboot a chance, because I feel that the current Monster High line is running out of steam at a very fast pace and I don’t want to see it disappear from stores completely just yet. If that means the dolls regenerate a bit, I’m willing to wait and see them in person, with the power of Mattel’s marketing campaign behind them. Who knows? Maybe the new look will cause a whole new slew of collectors to be born? Or maybe not. All we can do is wait and see.

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Christmas Goodies 2015

It’s a little late, I know, but Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your dolly dreams came true this December 25th! I thought I’d take a moment to share a few of the items that were under my Christmas tree with you!

Perfume Puff Princess Custom Ponies

I received four My Little Ponies.  Two were customs by Perfume Puff Princess. I picked up a few Perfume Puff Princess customs at the My Little Pony Fair, this year and now have a total of four! I love the wild hair these ponies have!

My Little Pony Friend

G2 My Little Pony

I also received a G1 My Little Pony Friend named Creamsicle and a mint on card G2 Berry Bright from 1997’s Secret Surprise Friends.

Groovy Kewpie

Also under the tree was a Kewpie doll themed around the 60’s.  She’s groovy! I like her dark eyes.  Her outfit, especially her fringe jacket and head band, are super cute.

Itty Bitty's from Hallmark

Equally adorable were the three Hallmark Itty Bitty’sRainbow Brite, her Sprite and a fun C3P0 decked out in a Christmas scarf. I think I may need to pick up some more of Rainbow Brites friends now to try to complete the set.

Christmas C3P0 Haul!

With Star Wars in full swing, my C3P0 collection grew a lot! One of the coolest new C3P0 items was the Wind Up Tin C3P0. There was also a neat Star Tours bank that featured C3P0 and R2D2. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the huge light up art deco head! (See my C3PO collection here.)

Wind Up Tim C3P0

This next item was actually a birthday gift– a straight leg Skipper with a sample head! Sample Skipper’s usually have a resin body with a wider stance than the vinyl bodies.  This Skipper was either rebodied by a collector or possibly was boxed this way from the get go. It’s really hard to tell! She has very pretty light brown hair and a double row of bangs. Another interesting feature on this Sample Skipper is the length of her bangs– they’re shorter than your normal straight leg Skipper head.

Sample Skipper (head)

I saved the best for last! My baby Sasha now has two new brothers– Trendon Gregor and Caleb.  I knew about Caleb, but Gregor was a complete shock. I’m not sure about when exactly they were made, but each are different heights, which I find interesting!

Trandon Caleb and Gregor

Caleb is shorter than Gregor.  My mom also pointed out that the Gregor has a shorter blue sweater on than some of the other sweater boys that were produced. What drew me to Caleb was his dark skin.  There is a lighter skin Caleb, as well, but this guy has super dark skin. I like it, though I’m still figuring out how to photograph him properly.

Christmas 2015

My mother, Barbee0913 on YouTube, received a few nice dolly, if I do say so myself! She is now the proud owner of the Impression of China Kurhn, Maru from Maru and Friends and a Trendon Prince Gregor. She also got a few pink box Barbie’s.

Watch the video here:

What did Santa (and friends) bring you this holiday season? Let me know in the comment area! See you in 2016!

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Monster High 2.0?

The Doctor may not be regenerating in 2016, but it looks like Monster High is. The ghouls we’ve grown to love will be losing their edgy look, starting (most likely) in the fall. The dark, gothic look is being replaced with“a fresh new look with new contemporary colors and graphics whilst still incorporating the iconic signatures that make the brand unique and relatable to the core audience of 6-10 year olds.”

MH Reboot Image

Last night, there was a sizzle video posted with the blog entry from an official Mattel News page, Mattel EMEA, that made it seem like the major reason for the change was that people thought Monster High looked “too dark”. (Who are these people calling Monster High too dark? Clearly, they’ve never seen the Living Dead Dolls… And also, why is Mattel posting this info meant for partners on a site anyone can access? If you’re a Mattel rep and would like me to rework this post- ie: remove image or quote, e-mail me at the address on the sidebar.)

The sizzle video is now locked down.  I was surprised to see it posted on the internet, to be honest– it was kind of rough and very much created to be an internal video, not something for us to see. Essentially, though, it was a short announcement about the upcoming changes. Here’s a mirror of the video sizzle.  The mirror was deleted.

It seems these new looks will correspond with new video content featuring monster origin stories and a new campaign, How Do You Boo, which will encourage “consumers to embrace what makes them unique and share how they Boo.”  Read the whole press release here. (The site now re-directs to

EAH reboot

Ever After High is getting tweaked here and there, too, though not as much as Monster High, so far as I can tell. According to the Mattel newsletter, “the dolls will feature new face sculpts with a softer more open approach and the content will bring to life the exciting adventures of these powerful princesses!” The 2016 push seems to be around “Ever After High: Where Princesses Are Powerful”. (I don’t think Mattel is over losing the Disney Princesses to Hasbro yet…)

I’m still working through my initial thoughts on this, so I’ll post my opinions on this later. Until then, what do you think of the upcoming changes to Monster High and Ever After High? Let me know in the comment area.

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Heads Up- Sales at My Twinn

UPDATE 10/2016: While the company seemed to think they would have a comeback, those plans don’t look like they ever came to be. The company site is no longer active. Looks like, as expected, this was really the end of My Twinn.

Just a quick heads up to readers who might be on the look out for cheap 18″ to 23″ doll accessories– My Twinn is having a massive close out sale.  Now, at the moment, they’re not calling it a ‘closing forever’ sale, but it’s hard to not think that when you see the massively cut prices.  For those who don’t keep up with the line, they announced a while back that the 23″ custom My Twinn dolls were being discontinued. As of this posting, they aren’t offering any custom dolls, not even in the 18″ scale.

My Twinn

My Twinn

Now, I wouldn’t recommend ordering dolls from them.  I don’t think they’ve made quality dolls for a few years now.  However, if you’re looking for accessories, you’ll want to visit My Twinn ASAP. The furniture is nearly gone, but what is left is amazingly priced. The glasses are also quite handy to pick up! Happy shopping!

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