Collection Close Up: Trendon Baby Sasha

A staple in my mother’s doll collection are Sasha dolls.  She has recently had a Sasha resurgence, so to speak, and has been looking into them a lot and even adding a few to her collection. I guess it’s no surprise that I found myself itching to snatch one or two Sasha’s for my own doll collection!  I’d like to introduce you to my first Sasha doll– a Baby Sasha made by Trendon sometime in the early 80’s.

Trendon Sasha Baby

Sasha’s have a long and rich history.  Designed by Swiss artist Sasha Morgenthaler, they’ve been a hit with collectors since they made their debut. Morgenthaler had a passion for designing an affordable play doll.  In 1964, after years of making dolls in her studio, she was approached by German doll makers Gotz to mass produce her dolls in their factory.  They continued to do so through 1970. UK based Trendon received permission to produce Sasha’s in 1965. Early Sasha’s from both companies were hand painted, much like Morgenthalers early dolls. As years went on, dolls were hand painted less and less. From 1965 to 1986, Trendon mass produced Sasha dolls, creating legions of fans around the world. Mass produced Sasha dolls are typically made of vinyl and strung. You’ll find them in a small variety of colors, including this tan color and very dark, nearly black, brown tones.  (Black/AA Sasha’s are typically found under the name Caleb, Cora or Cara.)

No one Sasha is the same, even though they were mass-produced. Sasha’s are unique in how they look, which is one reason they stand out among other doll lines. Interestingly, Sasha dolls are asymmetrical.  Another fun fact? When perfectly strung, they should be able to literally balance on their head.

Now that you know a bit of Sasha doll history, let’s get back to introducing you to my Baby Sasha. She’s 12″ tall. I think she was manufactured in the eary 80’s by Trendon. She has tan skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair. She isn’t sexed, meaning technically, she could be a boy or a girl, depending on what the owner wants.  I think mine looks like a girl. This Sasha was offered up on eBay with her pal, a twin that looked just like her.  Not needing both, I offered to split the sale with my mom, who added the second Sasha Baby to her collection. My Sasha is on the right with the red shoes

Trendon Sasha Baby

Here are some pictures of my Baby Sasha.  I haven’t picked up any new outfits for her, so right now, she’s stuck wearing the same outfit I bought her in, which is her original stock dress. Since picking her up, I’ve seen a ton of very pretty outfits on Etsy and Facebook, so hopefully she’ll have a variety of clothing options soon!

Trendon Sasha Baby

Trendon Sasha Baby

Tis the Season…

Trendon Sasha Baby

Trendon Sasha Baby

Trendon Sasha Baby

Trendon Sasha Baby

Good Resources for Sasha are below:

Sasha Doll

Sasha Doll UK

Another great resource is Facebook! If you look up Sasha dolls on Facebook, you’re sure to find a lot of great fan groups filled with collectors from all around the world! Do you own a Sasha doll? Is a Sasha doll on your Christmas list? Let me know in the comment area!


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  1. Petalina Dolls replied:

    I have the same doll! She was my second Sasha named Trina and as a girl I loved her dearly! Such sweet little dolls.

  2. dannyscotland replied:

    I love Sashas but don’t own any. My mom does own one baby Sasha, which she bought years ago. She had to save a long time, because she was a single parent, and when she went into the store with my aunt, she intended to buy one that looked like me or my brother. The salesman let her hold one, and she ended up buying that one instead, a brown eyed blond. It looks nothing like us, but she held it and it had to be hers! I hope to one day have one myself.

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