Wicked Cool Toys 18″ Cabbage Patch Kids ‘Big Kids’ Now at TRU

Remember back in February when I shared Toy Fair footage from Wicked Cool Toys booth regarding Cabbage Patch Kids? One of the biggest takeaways from that presentation were the 18″ Big Kids. Well, guess what? They’re currently available on the Toys R Us website and at select stores. Here’s the details.  There are two different Big Kids, Class President (Violet Anne) and Ballerina (Sofia Lorraine). They’re both limited to 1,000 pieces each and are priced at $99.99.

CPK 18" Big Kids

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CPK 18" Big Kids

You can snatch one or both of these limited release Cabbage Patch Kids right now on the Toys R Us website. Do you plan on ordering a ‘Big Kid’? Why or why not?  Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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