Dolly Review: Chef Gina’s Miniature Fake Food

A few weeks back, Chef Gina, maker of amazing miniature food items perfect for photo shoots or doll houses, contacted me asking if I’d like to review some items for my site. Not being one to pass up miniature prop food, I agreed! Chef Gina makes food for all scales. The samples I received are for 1/6 scale and are perfect for Barbie.

Chef Gina Mini Doll Food (1/6th scale)

The samples included were a birthday cake, two plates of ravioli with white sauce (or something similar), two sparkling champagnes/ciders and two delicious looking mousse desserts. Let’s take a closer look at the ravioli/white sauce dish. The actual dishes are porcelain, so you’ll want to be a bit careful when handling them. The fork and knife are permanently stuck in the dish. I am happily surprised to say that the sculpted food on the plate looks really, really good.

The materials Chef Gina used to create the dish aren’t sticky, like some lesser quality miniature food items. Another interesting thing to mention is that both dishes look very similar. They would add a lot to a doll house dining room or dinner themed photo shoot.

Chef Gina Mini Doll Food (1/6th scale)

Both the sparkling champagne/cider and dessert are in plastic glasses. There is a seam line in all the glasses, which is a bit bothersome, but overall, the four examples are made very, very well! I particularly like that you can see the bubbles in the drink.

Chef Gina Mini Doll Food (1/6th scale)

The mousse dessert is artfully crafted, as well. Having just tried a fake food project myself on a much larger scale, I give Chef Gina a lot of credit for being able to craft something so nice in such a small scale.

The drinks, mousse, and other pieces arrived in a small box with the pieces secured by white stickies. You can see them in the above picture. The idea is great, but I have to mention that I had some trouble getting the white stickies off the glass wear without leaving some of the sticky stuck on the glass itself.

Chef Gina Mini Doll Food (1/6th scale)

The largest piece sent for review was this super cute birthday cake. It’s super timely as December is my birthday month! Decorated with white ‘frosting’ and green ‘sprinkles’. The top is adorned with text that reads Happy Birthday. It looks like this is just paper, so be careful about getting that bit wet.

Chef Gina Mini Doll Food (1/6th scale)

Overall, I’m impressed with the quality of Chef Gina’s miniature fake food. She has food items for small 4-9″ dolls, 11-12″ dolls, 16-17″ dolls, 18-19″ dolls and 24″ dolls. Looking for life-size fake food? She makes that, too, among a lot of other interesting food related products. You can follow Chef Gina on Facebook and on Twitter.

What do you think of Chef Gina‘s doll sized treats? Share your thoughts below.


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One Comment

  1. Blackkitty replied:

    Everything looks yummy! Good call with the birthday cake, I wonder if Chef Gina chose it on purpose 🙂

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