Heads Up- Sales at My Twinn

UPDATE 10/2016: While the company seemed to think they would have a comeback, those plans don’t look like they ever came to be. The company site is no longer active. Looks like, as expected, this was really the end of My Twinn.

Just a quick heads up to readers who might be on the look out for cheap 18″ to 23″ doll accessories– My Twinn is having a massive close out sale.  Now, at the moment, they’re not calling it a ‘closing forever’ sale, but it’s hard to not think that when you see the massively cut prices.  For those who don’t keep up with the line, they announced a while back that the 23″ custom My Twinn dolls were being discontinued. As of this posting, they aren’t offering any custom dolls, not even in the 18″ scale.

My Twinn

My Twinn

Now, I wouldn’t recommend ordering dolls from them.  I don’t think they’ve made quality dolls for a few years now.  However, if you’re looking for accessories, you’ll want to visit My Twinn ASAP. The furniture is nearly gone, but what is left is amazingly priced. The glasses are also quite handy to pick up! Happy shopping!


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  1. Marie replied:

    Thank you for this post! I discovered that the My Twinn items on Amazon are at the same sale price, so if you have an Amazon Prime card, you can get another 5% off. Amazon had most of what the My Twinn website had…but not all of the glasses and the cases. I also noticed My Twinn girls clothing on sale at Amazon for the same huge discounts. $2 and less for t-shirts and leggings, etc.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Good to know! It seems they’ve sold out of all the furniture on the website. It will be interesting to see what happens come 2016…

  2. Amanda Lynn replied:

    Sad if they’re gone for good, but amazing deals still on there. The girl sized clothing is so cheap!

  3. Anonymous replied:

    On the “Adopt a Friend” page, which is now empty, did you see the bit about how there’s a revamp coming? I’m intrigued, though still pissed about the darker dolls disappearing with no explanation for months.

    Hope they don’t do away with thebunique face molds, if this supposed revamp actually happens.

  4. Anonymous replied:

    Would never buy My Twinn doll again. Purchased one for my granddaughter as a Christmas present. Legs turned black and eyes are turning white. Total waste of money and such a disappointment to my grandchild.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      The dolls did go downhill. Thankfully, mine was made when they were still being crafted in Denver, before the company was sold. Sorry to hear your MyTwinn has started to age so poorly! There’s a MyTwinn Collectors Group on Facebook that might be able to help you with restoring your doll. They’re super helpful with that sort of thing!

      • Leslie replied:

        My daughter has a my Twinn doll whos eyes also faded and I wasn’t able to return her before they went out. Is there another company that can fix the eyes?

  5. Ingrid portillo replied:

    Ofcourse they are out of business. My daughter’s doll turned purple all over her body and her brown eyes are now purple. Her hair is starting to come off.
    Her hair is also brittle and breaking. What a disappointment.
    I bought this doll when my daughter was a 8yrs old. She was a little old for it but I wanted to preserve her age before she became a BIG girl. I wish big thes big companies would be responsible with their products, especially when they are selling sentimental items.

  6. Shelly Mullins replied:

    My daughter’s doll’s legs are turning black too. OH DEAR.

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