Christmas Goodies 2015

It’s a little late, I know, but Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your dolly dreams came true this December 25th! I thought I’d take a moment to share a few of the items that were under my Christmas tree with you!

Perfume Puff Princess Custom Ponies

I received four My Little Ponies.  Two were customs by Perfume Puff Princess. I picked up a few Perfume Puff Princess customs at the My Little Pony Fair, this year and now have a total of four! I love the wild hair these ponies have!

My Little Pony Friend

G2 My Little Pony

I also received a G1 My Little Pony Friend named Creamsicle and a mint on card G2 Berry Bright from 1997’s Secret Surprise Friends.

Groovy Kewpie

Also under the tree was a Kewpie doll themed around the 60’s.  She’s groovy! I like her dark eyes.  Her outfit, especially her fringe jacket and head band, are super cute.

Itty Bitty's from Hallmark

Equally adorable were the three Hallmark Itty Bitty’sRainbow Brite, her Sprite and a fun C3P0 decked out in a Christmas scarf. I think I may need to pick up some more of Rainbow Brites friends now to try to complete the set.

Christmas C3P0 Haul!

With Star Wars in full swing, my C3P0 collection grew a lot! One of the coolest new C3P0 items was the Wind Up Tin C3P0. There was also a neat Star Tours bank that featured C3P0 and R2D2. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the huge light up art deco head! (See my C3PO collection here.)

Wind Up Tim C3P0

This next item was actually a birthday gift– a straight leg Skipper with a sample head! Sample Skipper’s usually have a resin body with a wider stance than the vinyl bodies.  This Skipper was either rebodied by a collector or possibly was boxed this way from the get go. It’s really hard to tell! She has very pretty light brown hair and a double row of bangs. Another interesting feature on this Sample Skipper is the length of her bangs– they’re shorter than your normal straight leg Skipper head.

Sample Skipper (head)

I saved the best for last! My baby Sasha now has two new brothers– Trendon Gregor and Caleb.  I knew about Caleb, but Gregor was a complete shock. I’m not sure about when exactly they were made, but each are different heights, which I find interesting!

Trandon Caleb and Gregor

Caleb is shorter than Gregor.  My mom also pointed out that the Gregor has a shorter blue sweater on than some of the other sweater boys that were produced. What drew me to Caleb was his dark skin.  There is a lighter skin Caleb, as well, but this guy has super dark skin. I like it, though I’m still figuring out how to photograph him properly.

Christmas 2015

My mother, Barbee0913 on YouTube, received a few nice dolly, if I do say so myself! She is now the proud owner of the Impression of China Kurhn, Maru from Maru and Friends and a Trendon Prince Gregor. She also got a few pink box Barbie’s.

Watch the video here:

What did Santa (and friends) bring you this holiday season? Let me know in the comment area! See you in 2016!


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  1. Jen replied:

    We have Maryellen and MYAG 60. Also we are enjoying the holiday outfits for Julie (the BeForever outfit) and Addy.

  2. SmallerPlaces replied:

    Your gifts are so fun! Those ponies are amazingly puffy-haired — awesome.

    Congrats on getting 2 Sasha brothers instead of one. Caleb’s skin color is wonderful.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Now to get some girls and more Baby Sasha’s!

  3. Shirley replied:

    I received a couple of dolls too. I’ve been especially facinated with my Tonner 18″ Imagination doll. Her face and eyes are so beautiful. She’s the most basic with blond hair and blue eyes. I wanted to see what I thought of the quality before investing more. I’ve had a very limited experience with the brand. She’s bigger than my friend’s Magic Attic doll and can easily wear my AG clothes. I’m very, very happy with her!!! Thank you for sharing your Christmas gifts…..entertaining fun!!!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Good to hear. I received a comment on the blog that was pretty much ripping into the line recently. I wasn’t sure what to think!

  4. Iphis of Scyros replied:

    Nice haul! 😀 That Skipper is great.

    I haven’t been in a Hallmark shop in *years*. I’ve seen the displays of those Itty Bitties in the windows, but I had no idea they included Rainbow Brite! Those are incredibly cute! I’m gonna have to get me some of those…

    Sadly, no one in my family really approves of my dolly habit (or understands its depth) so if I want doll stuff for Christmas, I have to buy it myself. 😛 Though I kind of got something on Christmas for my dolls: years ago, my mom got a box of about 20 of those Christmas crackers (you know the kind I mean?) and this year we finally used the last four of them, and inside mine was a bright green, very flimsy, doll-sized comb. Though I’m not sure what doll it’s the right size for. It’s bigger than 1/6 scale, but I guess it might work for a Pullip or Blythe, since their heads are out of scale.

    I *did* actually order a Dal on Christmas Day, so I guess that’s my Christmas present to myself? (Or, really, she’s more of a present for Sebastian…)

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hallmark has the color kids, too! Plus, a vintage Rainbow Brite doll, like what they sold in the 80’s. Enjoy your Dal!

      • Iphis of Scyros replied:

        The Hallmark I went into in person looking for them only had the Itty Bitty Rainbow Brite and one of the reproductions of the vintage doll. I wasn’t terribly taken by the reproduction, but the Itty Bitty is adorable, and now on my dolly shelf. 😀 I’m going to have to hit a few more Hallmark stores looking for the rest.

  5. Genny replied:

    What a beautiful example of an earlier Caleb. I adore Caleb and his sister Cora. You Caleb has lovely soft eyes!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks! I want to find a Cora and the baby in this dark tone, too, this year.

  6. Blackkitty replied:

    It looks like you two had a blast! I’m getting quite a few dolls myself 🙂

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