Collection Close Up: All American Barbie, Christie (1991)

Months back, I won a lot of Pink Box Barbie’s.  This is Christie from the All American Barbie line. This series came out around 1991.  Besides Christie, this line featured Barbie, Ken, Kira and Teresa. A unique characteristic of this line is that Mattel had partnered with Reebok, a popular shoe brand. Christie, for examples, came with two pairs of colorful hi-top sneakers!

All American Barbie, Christie

90’s pink box Barbie’s are essentially my youth. I love everything about them, like their crimped hair, large bangs and high ponytails, cool makeup and bright outfits. They remind me of the popular trends that I lived through in the 1990’s.

All American Barbie, Christie

In Christie’s case, she has some fantastic eye colors– brown and green. I also love the big baggy jean jacket that covers the crop top/short skirt outfit underneath.

All American Barbie, Christie

The Reeboks are neat, as well. The actual Reebok branding is fabric that slips over a white plastic shoes. You get two pairs with Christie. Christie also wears fluorescent tie-dye socks. They’re so 90’s!

All American Barbie, Christie

See the video here:

So that’s a quick look at All American Barbie, Christie.  Do you remember when this line hit store shelves? What’s your favorite pink box Barbie? Let me know in the comment area!


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  1. Jen replied:

    Great eyes! I feel like she should be Tina Turner dancing with David Bowie to “Let’s Dance”!

  2. Taswegian1957 replied:

    These dolls came out a few years before I started to collect so there were still a lot of them around on the secondary market in the late 90s. This is a really pretty Christy.

  3. Trisha Andrews replied:

    Like Taswegian 1957, I began collecting Barbie and friend dolls a few years after the All American line came out. The doll is totally early ’90s and I would like to get Christie as well as my favorite Barbie friend, Teresa. I’ll look them up on Ebay and see how much they cost.

  4. Teresa B. replied:

    I love this Christie, I have the Barbie. The socks are just the best!!

    My favorite pink box Barbie is Totally Hair Barbie. Don’t you just love her psychedelic mini dress? 🙂

  5. Sunny replied:

    Those are some crazy (but cool!) rainbow neon socks.
    No, I don’t remember when these dolls came out—this was WAYYY before I was born. 😉 In fact, I missed the whole “pink Barbie box” era…which is a shame because all of those dolls look really cool. 😉

  6. Khadijah replied:

    I’m a young collector but I have those tie-dye socks from my mom’s old collection. (The actual doll and everything else must have gone off track after all these years.)

  7. Shannon (@shannonkay) replied:

    I had the blonde version of the All American Barbie as a kid. She was my “best Barbie” until my little sister drew on jewelry with a permanent marker and cut off all her hair.

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