Collection Close Up: Madame Alexander Dionne Quintuplet (with Hair)

Amazingly, in one week, I won two of my Grail items on eBay. For years, I’ve been searching around for the perfect 1930’s Dionne quintuplet to add to my Madame Alexander collection. When I say perfect, I don’t mean I was looking for something so minty fresh it looked like it had just left the Alexander Doll Company. Of course, I wanted a Dionne with a pretty face and good limbs with no cracks for a good price. But, the main thing I wanted, was for the doll to have character, for it to call to me.  And somehow, within the span of three days, two Madame Alexander Dionne Quints did that!

The first one I purchased isn’t actually here yet, so we’ll revisit that later. But the second Dionne is here!  I am waiting for both to arrive to do a real photoshoot, but until then, here’s a photo or two to tide you over!

Madame Alexander Dionne Quint (1935-39)

I suspect this Dionne quintuplet is Annette, because her dress looks like it could have been yellow at one time. However, I’m not sure and don’t think I’ll ever be sure. There’s a possibility Annette has, according to a few internet sources, a human hair wig. I’m still looking for a good resource on the Madame Alexander Quintuplets, as they released a lot of different versions from 1935-1939.

Madame Alexander Dionne Quint (1935-39)

Annette is composition and 8″ tall. She has beautiful hand painted brown eyes. There are a few scratches on her face, but nothing very noticeable, considering she’s roughly 80 years old!

Madame Alexander Dionne Quint (1935-39)

I’m beyond thrilled to have added this Dionne Quintuplet to my Madame Alexander collection. I can hardly believe another one, slightly different, is on the way to join her!

Have you added a grail item to you collection recently? Let us know in the comment area!

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