Naperville Doll Show- The Loot

This weekend, my mom and I went to the Naperville Doll Show. I wasn’t expecting much from it, to be honest. I had heard it was much smaller than the show we go to twice a year at the Kane County Fairgrounds. But surprisingly, both my mom and I came home with a nice selection of dolls.

Sasha Baby

My first purchase of the day was a dark skinned Sasha Baby. I’ve been keeping an eye on eBay for one recently to go with Caleb, Gregor and my tan baby. This doll was one of only a few Sasha’s out for sale. This black Sasha Baby has very dark brown skin.  Later versions were lightened.

Aru's New Outfit

My Luts Aru got a new outfit thanks to the show, which rarely happens. Local forums Chi Town Dolls (and Dairyland, I believe) had set up shop at the show. While they had very few actual BJD’s for sale, there were some cute outfit. This outfit, made by May Day, caught my eye. At $15.00, this four piece outfit was a steal. My favorite thing about this outfit is the cute cape. It makes Aru look like she stepped out of an anime.

Madame Alexander Annabelle (1948-1950)

If January is any sign of what 2016 may bring to my collection, than I suspect I will need more room on my Madame Alexander shelf. I left this show with a 20″ Maggie face Annabelle.  Like many of my hard plastic Madame Alexanders, this one comes to me redressed. Maggie’s poodle skirt and white shirt are very cute, though.

Wilde Imagination Parnilla

Last, but not least, I picked up this cute red dress for my Parnilla Ghastly. I ordered her Black Friday 2014 and since then, she’s been stuck in a really horrid looking black leotard. While this doesn’t fit her perfectly, it’s much better than the look she was wearing before, believe me!

See what my mom bought in the video below!

Overall, the Naperville Doll Show turned out to be a great success. I found some great dolls at great prices. Not a bad way to start the week! Have you found anything recently that you want to brag about? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. Yvette replied:

    Nice haul! I like your Sasha doll, he is really cute! I have been finding some good dolls lately, but mostly I fix them up and then resell them on ebay. I did find a cute 18″ brunette Madame Alexander that I’m keeping for myself, she needs a bit of work though.

  2. Trisha Andrews replied:

    I attended the Windy City Collectors Fashion Doll Club shows in 2000 and 2001 in Naperville before they moved it to Schaumburg where it was held from 2002 to 2007. Originally from Chicago, I now make my home in Champaign, Illinois and I don’t think there aren’t any shows or clubs at all here.

  3. Debbie Miller replied:

    Nice Haul! Sounds like you had an exciting time-can’t underestimate those small Doll Shows. My latest grail find was Garden Patience-beautiful lovely doll.

  4. Beatrix replied:

    Love your Annabelle.I’d love to have one like her someday. but they are hard to find in as good condition for a reasonable price!! I bought 3 Arranbee dolls several months ago and was very disappointed to find all three had hard plastic disease which all 3 sellers didn’t admit to when they sold them to me on ebay. It put me off of the vintage dolls although I think few dolls today can compare to the beauty of the vintage dolls. To make up for the disappointment my partner gave me a gorgeous restored 21 inch composition flirty-eye Effanbee Honey doll for Christmas! It will be a long time before anything can top that. To Debbie Miller who bought a Garden Patience, lucky you! I missed out on her when the doll was first released. i think she is the best version besides the Alice in Wonderland. I own the redhead with the buns and still think she’s remarkable. These dolls have so much character in their expression that they remind me of the best vintage dolls. Can’t wait to see the pics from the fair, Kewpie83! So appreciate that you make it possible for us all to share in that…

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