NYTF16: Booth Tours from Toy Fair

Not all the things I saw will be getting a written review here on the blog. In most cases, it’s the booths that aren’t really on topic or didn’t have a rep walking us around. Her are a few reports that you can check out exclusively on YouTube. All the photos we took at these booths will also be on Flickr.

These three videos are different. Barbee0913 and I saw down and talked about the show, NYC and the ins and outs of going to Toy Fair. These three videos are a little long, but here they are, in case you want to check them out!

I covered some of the Disney related products on About.com this month. Check those out, if you have a chance! You can find all of our Toy Fair videos (some still need to be added) on YouTube. There are still a few more reports to come, so stay tuned for more Toy Fair coverage this week! If you have questions about any of these products or booths, just ask here on the blog or on YouTube!

Any products that you can’t wait to see in person? Let us know in the comment area!


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  1. Iphis of Scyros replied:

    Those Yoga dolls look like fun! I’d like to compare their range of motion to Made to Move Barbie. Unfortunately, looks like they only have the blonde available right now. 😦

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Most everything should be hitting the site by the end of the year, so keep an eye out!

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