NYTF16: Fuzzeez by The Orb Factory

One of the cooler, more crafty, DIY things I saw at Toy Fair was Fuzzeez by The Orb Factory. The Orb Factory took inspiration from felting and created a simple, kid friendly way to create adorable felt creatures without needles. The process is simple.  Fill in the provided mold with wool, pop in the eyes and nose, close and secure the mold, drop it in the washing machine, then dry it in your dryer and you’re all set! When you open the reusable mold, you’ll see a fully fused wool animal!

NYTF16: Fuzzeez by The Orb Factory

NYTF16: Fuzzeez by The Orb Factory

You can see this process in action (sort of) in the video above. There are currently three different animals you can create: a bear, dog and cat. Each are sold separately. I believe a sample or two is headed my way soon of this product, so I will be able to fill you in on even more details eventually!

NYTF16: Fuzzeez by The Orb Factory

NYTF16: Fuzzeez by The Orb Factory

What do you think of this cool DIY craft toy? Let me know in the comment area!

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  1. Mary Wernke replied:

    Aren’t they cute? However, I’m afraid my cat would find them cute too, and that wouldn’t be a good thing.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Ha ha! I could see a cat taking interest. I keep my felt dolls in a cabinet, just in case!

  2. J Sarie replied:

    That’s a really clever product (I always love seeing craft kits, and unless I haven’t been paying attention, this is a unique take) – and the results are cute too!

  3. californiacobra replied:

    According to the myfuzzeez website, the “rabbit” is actually a dog. The mold does look like a rabbit, but when the doll comes out it looks just like a puppy. I can’t wait to see someone actually do this for a review. It looks easy, but I really wonder how easy it is to get straight looking shapes and lines and have it turn out as intended.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks for catching that! Companies toss so much info at you at Toy Fair, it can be easy to mistake things. (Plus, with his ears up, he totally looks like a rabbit!) I’ve edited it. They were supposed to start sending out samples to people earlier this month, but nothing has arrived yet. I think we’ll be seeing reviews soon. I’d like to try it, too!

  4. Jen Sawyer replied:

    Horrible toy. first of all, do NOT expect that your child will be at all interested in making this with you. He/she may express an interest for the first 5 minutes, then walk away because it’s too wet, too messy, boring, etc.

    It takes a crazy amount of work to put it together for one, and even though I “soaked” it to a ridiculous degree (as directions specify), when I took it out of the dryer, it completely fell apart. My daughter will be heartbroken in the morning. So much hard work for absolutely nothing. Shame, shame, Orb Factory.

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