Dolly Review: Tonner’s Sindy’s TV Dream

A few weeks ago, Tonner announced that the license to produce Sindy was ending and discounted all the remaining stock to crazy awesome prices. Tonner’s time with Sindy was, well, not perfect. They missed the anniversary and never marketed this iconic British series properly to the US audience.  Another thing they never got right was the pricing. Sindy was priced way too high. As much as I hate to say it, I would have felt so ripped off had I paid full price for the Sindy you’ll be seeing in this review. Tonner would have done themselves a huge service had they aimed this series towards the younger set and not solely collectors. If Tonner Toys, for example, had produced it and gotten a select number into big chain stores, I think this could have been a real hit. However, deciding to make her a collectible with a high price tag just didn’t work.

But, to the review! The Tonner sale saw Sindy’s usually priced between seventy to one-hundred or more dollars marked down to as little as thirty-five US dollars! Clearly, the time to buy! When I logged in, Tonner had pretty much most of their stock available. Very quickly, though, they started selling out.  I was lucky enough to snatch up two, one for me and one for my mother for Mother’s Day. The latter is being kept a secret for now, but I would like to introduce you to my new Sindy (which is also my first Sindy) Sindy’s TV Dream.

Tonner's Sindy's TV Dream

Unknown to me at the time of ordering, Sindy’s TV Dream was limited to 225 pieces and exclusive to the Guilty Pleasures Tonner Collectors Convention in 2015. This doll comes dressed in a mod style outfit with a pink and green checkered jacket with a peter pan collar, a pink top and mini skirt in the same pink and green checkers. There are small details like white buttons on the jacket, a thick pink belt on the skirt and matching pink heels. She also comes wearing pantyhose and undies. One element I particularly like is the long silver chain necklace. It totally completes the look.

Tonner's Sindy's TV Dream

Sindy has a cute little face!  Her blue eyes are large and round. Sindy’s round face has two chubby cheeks. Her lips are a nice mauve color and there’s light blush on her cheeks. Sindy has ‘real’ eyelashes and a handful of painted ones. Her real lashes are a bit disappointing. They’re not done very well, to be honest. They’re hard and thick, not effortless, like you’d expect from a brand known for high quality products like Tonner. Between these and painted lashes, I’d have much preferred painted lashes.

Tonner's Sindy's TV Dream

Sindy has the most adorable brown wigged hair! I love her short bob with bangs. It goes perfectly with her groovy outfit. She wears a pink ribbon in her hair. It’s just a normal pink ribbon, nothing special, but it looks nice. At 11″ tall, she’s a great size. Her vinyl is surprisingly thick and of a nice quality. There’s no hollow limbs on this girl! It’s very apparent when you feel her head. Her head is made of very thick, hard vinyl.

Tonner's Sindy's TV Dream

As far as articulation goes, Sindy is lacking in that area. Now, I can’t fault Tonner for this, because if they were making a true reproduction, then many they purposely decided against giving this girl articulation. But, in this current doll market, she would have been much more popular, I think, if she had some more articulation. Sindy’s shoulder and leg joints only allow her limbs to move up and down, not out. If you put her in a sitting position, she will sit in a straddle. She has no elbow or knee joints. On the upside, she does have a twist and turn waist and a head that moves in all directions. While I love the TNT waist, she’s hard to pose in natural and different poses due to her lack of elbow and knee joints.

Tonner's Sindy's TV Dream

I thought it would be cute to take a few photos of Sindy with my Big Chief 11th Doctor, seeing they both hail from across the pond (in relation to Illinois, at least). The prop TARDIS you’ll see in the background is actually from a convention I attended earlier. A company was selling mystery boxes shaped like the TARDIS. It turns out the box was the coolest thing about the mystery box, because it was perfectly scaled for MSD sized dolls or those of a similar size. (It’s a little big for these two, but it works!) Due to Sindy’s lack of articulation, poses were limited between the two very different dolls, but you know what? I think these turned out so cute!!! (And no, I don’t know why I always make my Doctor pose romantically with his assistants. It just happens.)

Tonner Sindy's & the 11th Doctor

Tonner Sindy's & the 11th Doctor

Tonner Sindy's & the 11th Doctor

Tonner Sindy's & the 11th Doctor

Tonner Sindy's & the 11th Doctor

Overall, I like this Sindy, I really do. But I can see why she may not have gone over so well with consumers. Her lack of articulation isn’t really on trend for today’s collectors. Sindy’s high prices didn’t help, either. I think, if you find a Tonner Sindy for $50.00 or below, you’re good. She’s a solidly made doll and was produced in some super cute looks. At the time of this writing, there are still two outfits (no doll included) for sale at $20.00 a pop, originally priced at $70.00 (yikes!). You can easily find Sindy’s TV Dream and others in the line on eBay and most likely at your favorite doll shops.

Tonner's Sindy's TV Dream

Do you own a Tonner Sindy? How do you think she compares to the original Sindy line? Do you think her original price tag is justified? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. barbielea replied:

    Hi Kewpie 🙂 this Sindy is one of the few Tonner Sindys I really like. I love her outfit and her bob. Congratulations on getting her at a great price!

    I must admit that I haven’t kept a very close eye on the Tonner Sindy situation, but I’m surprised – Tonner Sindys are expensive and hard to find in the UK too, so where were they selling them?? I know they were for sale at Sindy conventions (which I can never get to) and I found a couple of websites where they were listed, but at £70 – £200ish I just wasn’t prepared to go there. I have plenty of original Sindys and for me, these just aren’t different enough to justify that kind of outlay. I do love the idea of articulation though, and agree that would have been a major selling point.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Exactly! Back when the Doctor Who dolls were released by Tonner years ago, I remember fans in the UK saying how they’d totally buy them, if they could find them in their country. I think Tonner needs to start opening more doors so that those outside the US can order their products more easily. From a business standpoint, you gotta be able to market to the people who have a natural love for something, which, in Sindy’s case, is the UK. I thought they had learned their lesson after the whole Doctor Who fiasco, but alas… The ‘regular’ price is way too high for these Sindy’s, like I mentioned. That’s one of the reasons I decided to review this doll, even though it’s not new or exciting anymore. It’s still out there for full price and honestly, it’s not worth full price. Robert Tonner is a great guy, but sometimes the prices for his products just don’t make sense.

      • barbtheevilgenius replied:

        The Tonner company is in a huge state of flux right now. At least two of its oldest and most well-known employees have been let go/left. When the Miette doll first appeared on the Wilde Imagination site, there was no information about her given, not even her height/body type, which seemed a big oversight to me, and made me think the website wasn’t getting a lot of attention.

        As far as the high price of the Sindy dolls, part of that price had to include what Robert was paying for licensing. Perhaps that added too much to the full price.

  2. Trisha Andrews replied:

    I had a Sindy doll which was made by Louis Marx Toys in 1978, not knowing that this was an import of a doll made by British toy company Pedigree, which introduced Sindy in 1963. Not only I had the doll, but her nightgown and bedroom set too. I doubt it if want to add Tonner’s Sindy doll to my collection. At the salesroom of the 2004 Barbie Convention, I bought an out-of-the-box brunette Sindy in a tie dye or swirl swimsuit. This doll was manufactured by Hasbro and she looked more like rival teenage or young adult looking Barbie doll than childlike Sindy.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’ve seen the Hasbro ones before on the internet. I’m not crazy about them. It’s a great doll line, just wish the older ones were easier to find in the States!

    • Taswegian1957 replied:

      I preferred the Pedigree Sindy’s myself but Marx made some very nice Sindy furniture and accessory sets. As for Hasbro Mattel would agree with you. They took Hasbro to court over that Sindy because they believed she was too much like the Barbie of the day.

  3. Anonymous replied:

    I have three Sindy dolls by Hasbro and I own a Fleur , a dutch doll which looks like Sindy. Sindy Pedigree and Sindy Tonner are too expensive for me. 😦

  4. Taswegian1957 replied:

    It does seem odd that Tonner would not try to market their Sindy to the people who knew and loved her in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Sindy was never as big in the USA as Barbie had too strong a hold I guess. I was interested to see these dolls but even if they were easy to buy in Australia I think they are too expensive. If she had been a playline doll perhaps she’d at least have found a new market as well as appealing to those who collect all era’s of Sindy. To me she is like the 8th Doctor, just doesn’t quite fit in to the series for me. Off topic if we count Doctor #8 who was from a telemovie why don’t we count Peter Cushing?

  5. Iphis of Scyros replied:

    Alas that the Sindy dolls are all sold out now! 😦 They’re quite cute, even with that lack of articulation. Maybe I’m better off haunting the antique malls looking for an original one anyway….

    BTW, where did you get that 11th Doctor doll? And (the scary question) how much did he cost? Or, more importantly, is he still available at original price, or only in a marked up kind of way? (Also, were there any original show Doctor dolls like that, or is it just for the new series?)

  6. Purple Monkfish replied:

    I was so upset I missed the sale. I really wanted urban safari’s outfit and one of the redheads.

  7. Anonymous replied:

    to be honest, I really liked them all. I bought all the tonner Sindys ( except one I missed ) and like that they put new outfits on her and not replicas of original ones. Only I did not buy the seperate outfits, Thought they were too expensive for just an outfit.

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