Puddle 2016 Recap

The Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event, aka PUDDLE, was held Saturday, June 4th, 2016. It’s become a bit of a tradition for my mom (Barbee0913 on YouTube) and I to attend. PUDDLE is a one day celebration of Pullip, Taeyang, Dal, Isul and rest of the Groove family. This year, there was apparently record attendance.

Puddle 2016 Group Doll Photo

What’s neat about this event is that it’s attended by collectors of all walks of life and even though it’s held yearly in Illinois, attendees come from all over the United States. PUDDLE is best described as a fun fan gathering. There are contests, raffles, door prizes and a few organized activities, like the Design Your Own Pullip icebreaker, but 50% of the time, I’d say, is left open for you to shop the vendor tables, mingle with other attendees and check out all the amazing Pullips brought in celebration.


There were a handful of group activities, like the Dress Like Your Doll contest/parade and the Design A Doll breakout session. Yours truly participated in the Dress Like Your Doll contest as Emma Swan. We (Pullip Emma and I) didn’t win, but it was an interesting experience. A lot of cool Pullip and friends were thought up in the Design A Doll Breakout. It would be neat to see these in person one day!


Like the past two years, PUDDLE was a fun way to spend a Saturday. (Shout outs to everyone we saw, by the way!) This years theme? Space! Because of that, there were lots of  Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who inspired Pullips on the table displays and a ton of cute sci-fi merch in the vendors area! Both my mom and I came home with some fantastic outfits and accessories for our Pullip family. See what we got in the video recap. (Start 8 minutes or so in if you just want to see our loot!

While we weren’t lucky enough to win any of the customization contests, we walked home with two awesome raffle prizes. I won a pink mohair wig from Sleeping Elf (Etsy) and my mom won a cute Star Trek kimono from Keely’s Cute Kimonos (Etsy). Below are pictures of some of my favorite dolls displayed at this years PUDDLE!











PUDDLE is always filled with some awesome vendors. This year was no exception! Vendors included Denise’s DollsDarling Clover, EmmerzApparel, KaleidoscopeBJDWear, Keely’s Cute Kimono’s, Little Lenie, Quaint Quintessence, Sakuras Blossom, Shifty Lizard and customizer Doll Angel. Little Lenie and EmmerzApparel have some great items for very wallet friendly prices! Doll Angel’s customs were pretty amazing, too! Check out her Flickr here.

You can see more photos from the event on my Flickr or Facebook page! (Check out Facebook to watch some of the live broadcasts I did from PUDDLE!)Keep an eye on the event by liking PUDDLE’s Facebook page or bookmarking their website! Have you attended a show recently? Picked up/customized a new Pullip recently? Tell us about it in the comment area!


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  1. Tina replied:

    I keep missing all the doll shows

    • Trisha Andrews replied:

      Ever since I moved away from my hometown of Chicago, I’ve been missing the doll shows too. BTW, the Pullip dolls look like the Blythe dolls of the ’70s and the reproductions from recent years.

  2. Joanne replied:

    Hey Ashley! I have some very exciting news regarding the Hearts For Hearts Dolls! Another company will rerelease the dolls in October!

    Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/HeartsForHeartsGirls/posts/1024840927551341

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