Dolly Review: Sweet Girl Panda Kurhn (6103)

While visiting Walt Disney World, I picked up two adorable Kurhn dolls. Kurhn dolls, for those who don’t know, are Chinese fashion dolls. (See all my coverage on the line here!) They have a unique look when compared to other dolls, because of their large expressive eyes and cute fashions! This post features Sweet Girl Panda Kurhn!

Kurhn Sweet Girl (Panda)

One of the reasons this Kurhn has been on my radar is her adorable hairstyle. Sweet Girl Panda Kurhn wears her dark brown hair in two asymmetrical pig tails. There’s a cute black and white detail near the higher pig tail that matches the black and white polka dot theme in Kurhn’s outfit.

Kurhn Sweet Girl (Panda)

Kurhn wears a sleeveless striped turtle neck, long sleeve polka dotted jacket, white skirt, striped knee high socks and fun red high tops. To finish off the look, Kurhn wears a cute Panda backpack. It’s a plush panda with straps, so you can’t place anything in the backpack itself. She comes with a lacy black skirt attached to white tights, as well, but I’m not crazy about how that looks on her. Interestingly, the promo shot shows this girl wearing a lacy black skirt, but with her striped knee socks, not the white tights.

Kurhn Sweet Girl (Panda)

What I love about Kurhn’s are their faces! This Kurhn has large brown eyes with very light green shadow, light blush and pink lips. Her skin is a porcelain color, which works really well with the black and white color scheme. Unlike some Kurhn’s, this one is on an articulated body, meaning she has elbow and knee joints along with the usual shoulder and hip joints!

Kurhn Sweet Girl (Panda)

A word of caution to people searching for Kurhns based on promo photos alone, always ask if the body is articulated in advance. I’ve come across a few dolls where the promo shot showed an articulated body, but the doll itself was on a non-articulated one (and vice versa).

Kurhn Sweet Girl (Panda)

You’ll be seeing more of Sweet Girl Panda Kurhn, I’m sure, when my newest Big Chief figure, the 9th Doctor, arrives in July. (I love pairing Kurhn’s with my Doctor Who articulated action figures!) And stay tuned for my post on another Kurhn I picked up at Epcot, DIY Bracelet Maker Kurhn, coming soon!

Kurhn Sweet Girl (Panda)

Have you picked up a Kurhn recently? Which one? Are you eyeing one for your collection? Share your thoughts in the comment area!


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  1. Blackkitty replied:

    I was considering this doll for the articulation and extra clothes, but I don’t like the hair at all, I think Kurhns need a fringe. I have my eyes on two other versions, I hope the seller will lower the price because they are now over 30$.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Really? I love the pig tails. Though, I can understand your point. Sometimes, these dolls look like they have inflated heads without fringe.

  2. Maria-Virginia De Ak replied:

    Is she 12 inch tall? Same as Barbie?

  3. Dolly Review: Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] up two 11″ Chinese fashion dolls. You saw the first doll, Sweet Girl Panda Kurhn, in a recent post. This post is about the basic Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn. (See all my Kurhn coverage […]

  4. kenaiqueen replied:

    I really liked this one. Cute face and I love her outfit. I have only one Kurhn, a Moon Goddess. I wouldn’t mind having a Panda girl too.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      The Moon Goddess is very pretty! I love her outfit!

  5. Patricia Reynolds replied:

    I’ve wanted the Panda Kurhan , saw her on Tiny Frock Shop, but I do want her articulated. I love her face as well,

  6. Paul replied:

    I’m so into Kurhns right now! Just got one from Russia called the Creme Brulee which is an alternate version of the Love Story Kurhn but in rose gold instead of blue. Plus she is known as Sonya Rose there which is a prettier name imo. She is just stunning and high end look and feel. Intricate hairstyle and her gown is fully lined! She could give Barbie a run for het money anytime. She is my third one after the Cinderella and the Moonstone Bride Kurhns. Looking forward to add more!

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