Dolly Review: Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn

At an amazing store in Walt Disney World’s Epcot, I picked up two 11″ Chinese fashion dolls. You saw the first doll, Sweet Girl Panda Kurhn, in a recent post. This post is about the basic Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn. (See all my Kurhn coverage here.)

Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn

Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn

This was the most affordable Kurhn at Epcot, priced at $28.00. It was also one of the more basic Kurhn dolls, which is why I picked her up. While I love the elaborate costumes and hair-do’s on many of the Kurhn’s I’ve picked up over the years, I have always wanted one that I could ‘play’ with, as in change her outfit or hair style. That’s why I picked up this particular Kurhn!

Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn

This Kurhn comes with supplies to make seven of your very own bracelets! The bracelets are ribbons with a button sewn in the center that allow you to push through and secure cute felt pieces. The ribbons have a velcro fastener. (If this were released in the States, there would be far less bracelets included with this doll.) There are also three Kurhn sized bracelets to place on your dolls.

Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn

The actual Kurhn in this set is very basic. She has long, straight brown hair with a side part, no bangs/fringe. It’s a lighter brown when compared to most of my Kurhn’s, who have dark brown or black hair. She has large brown eyes, similar to Sweet Girl Panda, with some light pink eye shadow, light blush and pearly pink lips.

Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn

Kurhn wears a yellow polka-dotted sun dress, red long sleeve sweater and white boots. The outfit is cute, but very simple. It makes her a perfect Kurhn to experiment with different fashions. Her white boots are super cute and should look great with anything!

Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn

Now, as you may already know, sometimes Kurhn promo shots lie. The box art for Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn shows articulated dolls. This peach skinned doll, however, is not on an articulated body. She only has shoulder and hip joints.

Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn

Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn

Colorful DIY Bracelet Kurhn may not be the most show stopping doll in the line, but I adore her basic-ness. Do you own this Kurhn? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comment area!


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  1. dolldimensions replied:

    How lovely! I need to look into getting a Kurhn doll. She looks wonderful with the Doctor! 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Ha! Yes. There’s just something about Kurhn’s that works so well with my 11th Doctor!

  2. Taswegian1957 replied:

    She’s rather nice. I’d probably prefer her to the more elaborate dolls. Can she wear Barbie fashions?
    And I’ve probably said this before but I love your Matt Smith Doctor

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Ha! The 11th Doctor is one of my most favorite purchases. Keep your eyes peeled for the 9th Doctor. He’s on his way! I’m going to try some Barbie outfits on this Kurhn once I shoot the video review. I’ll let you know how they fit!

  3. mangusta replied:

    Doctor! ❤

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Yes! It’s from Big Chief. The ninth doctor figure should arrive in July. For some reason, I love to pair 11 with Kurhn’s. They look adorable together!

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