Walking The Toy Aisle

It’s been a while since I’ve down a Walking the Toy Aisle post. It’s not that I don’t like doing it, I actually really like doing them. The problem recently has been this: there’s been nothing very new, exciting or interesting on the shelves for a long, long time. Recently, my mom and I took a shopping trip to our local toy stores. Surprisingly, the shelves were stocked with a few new items that I thought warranted this Walking the Toy Aisle post!

Walking the Toy Aisles

Let’s start with Flynn. How cool is his face mold?! I love how screen accurate they got his angular face. It even has his roguish grin! For a doll, he’s quite handsome!

Walking the Toy Aisles

This is a Barbie/Skipper 2 Pack. I’m happy Mattel has decided to start giving Skipper different clothing, because as you know, much of what past releases wore was far too similar for my tastes, but I still wish Mattel would take a few more chances. It’s about time that Skipper got a new hair-do or at least some different make up. Also, does it seem like her head is too big for her shoulders or that she’s losing her neck?

Walking the Toy Aisles

Hasbro’s Disney Princess Magical Story Skirt dolls definitely fall under the ‘interesting’ category. I really like the concept– that you can use the water wand to fill in the white portion of the princess’s skirts. Not to mention, Merida is just plain adorable with her round face and wild hair!

Walking the Toy Aisles

Shoppies, the fashion doll spin-off of the ever popular Shopkins, did better than I expected during their first wave. Here are three new Shoppies to collect. The second wave of these dolls seems much cuter than the first, in my opinion.

Walking the Toy Aisles

Usually when I place a styling head on these posts, it’s because the size or look of it is laughable. However, I kind of adore this Pinkie Pie Sweet Style styling head! At the My Little Pony Fair, I saw a handful of customs made from this large, full body pony. They were amazing looking. What I love about this styling head is that Pinkie has a body and is sitting in a position that could easily make her work as far more than just a styling head. How cute would she be sitting on a writers desk, for example!

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

I could very easily fall into collecting the mini Equestria Girls. They’re adorable and would look perfect hanging out with my Pinky ST characters.

Walking the Toy Aisles

Barbee0913 did a review on the Make It Pop line. I’m interested in seeing what happens with this line.

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

As promised, the new body types for Barbie are getting some outfits, as seen in these doll/outfit packs. I’m not crazy about all outfits or, to be honest, all the new body types. These doll/outfit sets are nice, though, and I can see them being great birthday gifts.

So, there you have it! As we move into fall, I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of new and exciting things. One thing that has surprised me over various shopping trips has been the lack of new Monster High and Ever After High dolls. It’s almost like Mattel figured that it would be a good idea to dial down the old style Monster High releases for 2016, so the new rebranded ones weren’t so shocking to casual shoppers. As of this post, I have seen a few blogs and facebook groups saying that the new ‘Welcome to Monster High’ style dolls have been seen in or around their town, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the rest of 2016 brings.

Have you seen anything interesting or cool at your local toy shop? Share it in the comment area!

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  1. Trisha Andrews replied:

    i’m planning to walk the toy aisle soon because I want to buy as well as browse. I’ll go to Walmart (where I’ll go pick up a Shopkins doll for my niece;s birthday in September), Target and Toys ‘R Us to see what’s new.

  2. April Perlowski replied:

    The little girl wearing sushi is too cute. My Walmart has started carrying the DC Superhero Girls! Yay!

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