Heads up! More My Ballerina Dolls Up For Pre-Order!

Just a quick note to alert all My Ballerina Dolls fans that both the Prince and the Snow Queen are available for pre-order on their website. Here are pictures of the two 22″ Nutcracker themed dolls taken at New York Toy Fair.

NYTF 2016: My Ballerina Dolls

I love the Snow Queen’s eye sculpt. Her wig also seems more manageable than Clara’s.

NYTF 2016: My Ballerina Dolls

I still think the Prince would look great dressed as Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle.  This line may not be perfect, but honestly, I really, really like the look of My Ballerina Dolls. (The price doesn’t hurt, either!)

You can follow My Ballerina Dolls on Facebook here. Do you plan on pre-ordering one or both of these dolls? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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