Skipper Hightlight Reel: Flying Wendy (1993)

Back when I had a PO Box for those that wanted to reach out via snail mail, I received a naked Flying Wendy doll from a reader/viewer. Thanks to a lucky find, Wendy now has an outfit! She was released back in 1993 when Mattel would use the Skipper face molds for some of the Disney Store exclusives and was released in conjunction with a Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Like Flying Wendy, the Tink also used a Skipper mold.

Flying Wendy (Disney Exclusive)

Flying Wendy (Disney Exclusive)

Flying Wendy is unique when compared to Skipper dolls, because of her wavy light brown hair and blue eyes. I think she has a very pretty face! Her body is the same you’d see from any other Skipper doll released in the early 90’s. Flying Wendy is a great example of the other characters this face mold can play.

Flying Wendy (Disney Exclusive)

Flying Wendy (Disney Exclusive)

In 1997, Disney released another Peter Pan set, which featured another Skipper mold, the Teen Skipper mold that was used after this large anime eye face.

Flying Wendy (Disney Exclusive)

Both this set and the 1997 set go for some pretty high prices on eBay and would be great additions to any Skipper collection! Do you own this doll? What do you think of her? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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  1. Taswegian1957 replied:

    I do think she is pretty. That hair colour looks nice on a Skipper. To be honest as I was scrolling through the reader this morning and caught a glimpse of the photo I was struck by how much she looks like a young Midge with that hair colour.

  2. Gwen replied:

    I actually do have this doll! I never had a Skipper (or any other Barbie characters), but I did love Peter Pan growing up, and my parents got me Wendy, Peter and Tink as a birthday present in ’93. I completely forgot she was supposed to have shoes! Mine are long gone, but I still have the dolls. 🙂

  3. barbtheevilgenius replied:

    I bought the 1997 doll when they were still available in stores. I also have the Alice and the Tinkerbell, although my Alice has a more anime face.

  4. barbielea replied:

    She looks wonderful 🙂 I do own this doll – kind of. I got her as part of a job lot, she was just a disembodied head with very badly cut hair! So now she has a new body and a bob. I’d love a version closer to the original one day, so I’m keeping my eyes peeled …

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