Dolly Review: Precious Moments “I Toad-ally Love You” Doll

Today, I’m reviewing a 12″ Precious Moment doll sent for review from the company. Precious Moments have been a staple in the gift giving community since 1978, when Sam Butcher’s 2D greeting card renderings were elegantly transformed into 3D figurines by Enesco. (Precious Moments Inc. took over the brand in 2004.) Through the years, Butcher’s graceful figurines have taken many forms, one form being 12″ vinyl dolls.

Precious Moment 12" Doll

I own my fair share of Precious Moments, being a charter member of their original birthday club. I am new, however, to these vinyl dolls, even though they’ve been produced for quite a while now. Up for review today is “I Toad-ally Love You”. This boy doll has a head of rooted ginger hair. It looks adorable with his pale skin, green teardrop eyes and classic Precious Moment expression.

Precious Moment 12" Doll

Precious Moment 12" Doll

The outfit on this little guy is adorable. Themed around toads, this Precious Moment doll wears a cute outfit, which is partially removable. His shirt seems to be non-removable. I don’t see any velcro on the shirt or any easy way to remove it. The white pants, however, seem to have velcro on them, making them removable. His shoes are made of a less than durable material. They’re not hard plastic or vinyl. They’re made of a softer material than you’d expect. While you can remove the shoes, putting them back on may cause them to split. I’m also a little worried about how the material of the shoes will hold up when stored.

Precious Moment 12" Doll

As far as articulation, the Precious Moment dolls are limited. You can move their arms and legs up and down, as well as turn their head left and right, but that’s about it.

Overall, I’m impressed by this 12″ doll. This doll seems like a great gift for someone who collects Precious Moments and is in the market for one that is less fragile than the porcelain figurines. You can find these online or wherever Precious Moment dolls are sold.

Precious Moment 12" Doll

What do you think of Precious Moments “I Toad-ally Love You”? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

*This doll was received free in exchange for a review. All opinions stated are my own.

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One Comment

  1. Teresa B. replied:

    I absolutely LOVE Precious Moments and this doll is just adorable! If I find him Im getting him no matter the cost. Absolute cuteness!

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