Loot Crate’s Dream Crate Challenge

I’ve had a fondness for mystery boxes and surprise bags ever since I was a child. Our local Sanrio store would have mystery boxes filled with mystery Hello Kitty and friends merchandise all the time. Unfortunately, they were too expensive for people to buy for me, so I never got to rip open the brown paper wrapped goodies. By the time I was old enough to get a paycheck and buy one on my own, the store had long stopped doing mystery bags and eventually the store went out of business.  To this day, I blame Sanrio for my mystery box buying impulses!

Recently, Loot Crate, a popular monthly subscription box service, reached out to me and asked me this intriguing question, “What’s your dream crate?” They asked if I would be interested in setting up a post describing what would be inside my dream crate and why. Thinking of my love affair with mystery boxes and my want to break things up a bit, I thought, why not? (Editor’s note: Loot Crate asked me to clarify that this Dream Crate themed post is open to everyone! If you have a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, etc, feel free share your Dream Crate, too!)

My problem with most mystery boxes is that they cover way too much. A pop culture box could have items from popular 80’s TV shows, to anime, to current day trends. Because of that, I decided to theme my box around one central topic that I know readers will enjoy, everyone’s favorite fashion doll, Barbie!

Dream Crate: Everyone’s Favorite Fashion Doll, Barbie

Item 1: Funko/Rock Candy Vinyl Barbie Figures

There are currently 8 different kinds of Rock Candy Vinyl figures released, highlighting important dolls in the Barbie series. These 5″ stylized figures, which include 1959’s Swimsuit Barbie, 1965’s Astronaut Barbie, 1971’s Hippie Barbie, 1973’s Surgeon Barbie, 1977’s Superstar Barbie, 1980’s Afro Barbie, 1984’s Gym Barbie and my personal favorite, 1986’s Rocker Barbie. I really like the design choices Funko/Rock Candy made with these figures. They’re cute and stylish.

Dream Crate Images

Item 2: Funko Mystery Mini Blind Boxes

Continuing along on the Funko bandwagon, my dream crate would include not 1, not 2, but 3 Barbie Mystery Mini Blind Boxes. I pretty much adore every single 3″ Mystery Mini made so far. The series includes sixteen vinyl figures from all era’s in Barbie history, including Solo in the Spotlight, Malibu Barbie and the adorable Totally Hair Barbie! Why would I include 3 blind boxes and not just one? They say that once you have three or more of something, you have a collection and what better way to get a collection started than having three blind boxes from the same series on display.

Dream Crate Images

Item 3: Skipper “Little Sisters Have More Fun” T-Shirt

Because this is my Dream Crate, I would definitely need it to include this shirt. I’m a Skipper collector, as some of you know. Skipper is Barbie’s little sister and has been tagging around with her big sister Barbie since 1964. This shirt has an adorable graphic of Skipper with text that reads “Little Sisters Have More Fun”. So cute! (This Barbie Tee is pretty cute, too! This is worth a peek, as well!)

Dream Crate Images

Item 4: Barbie Cell Phone Pouch

At first glance, you wonder, why would anyone need a cell phone pouch? While I don’t carry these things around on an every day basis, they do come in handy when attending conventions or going out of town. Plus, this cell phone pouch, which will hold money, credit cards or other flat things, has a classic vintage Barbie illustration on the front. You can’t get better than that! (Well, unless it had Skipper on it, but alas, that doesn’t exist.)

Dream Crate Images

Item 5: ReMent

I’m a sucker for the (mostly) 1/6 scale food ReMent offers. It makes for great props when doing a photoshoot. There’s a variety of ReMent to choose from. Usually ReMent comes in blind boxes. I think this Dream Crate should have 3 (yes, again) ReMent boxes for any food series produced.

Re-Ment Cutness!

Item 6: Places To Go, Dolls To See Mug

If you’re like me, you probably own 1,000’s of mugs. But who cares? It’s time to make room for this one. Sold through Zazzle, the Place To Go, Dolls to See mug is eye catching and pretty. (This mug is a cute second! Oh, but then there’s this mug!) See full Zazzle store here.

Dream Crate Images

Item 7: Cool Barbie Fabric With An Easy To Make Outfit Pattern

Sewing is not my strong suit, but a fun, DIY project with all the necessary ingredients would be a great way to complete this dream crate! There’s a ton of cute Barbie fabric on the internet that would make adorable outfits for dolls in need of a little makeover!

So, that’s it. That’s my dream crate. It doesn’t include a Barbie, because I have a ton of those already! I love sharing my hobby with things like t-shirts and mugs (real utilitarian things that can be used in daily life, rather than just sit on a shelf). And the other items are just too cute not to include! Oh, and one more thing, this dream crate would be in a pink box, a nod to the term collectors use for Barbie’s from the 90’s.

Huge shout out to Loot Crate for posing this question! Now, I’m going to pass it on to you, readers! What would you put in YOUR dream crate? What do you think of my dream crate? Were Loot Crate going to create a Barbie mystery box, what would YOU put in it? Let me know in the comment area!

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