Dolly Review: Hearts For Hearts Girls Rahel (Giveaway, Too!)

Up for review today is Hearts For Hearts Girls Rahel. Rahel, a 14″ doll that represents a girl from Ethiopia, is part of the 2016 MPA Sales relaunch of the Hearts for Hearts Girls doll line.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

So, what’s she like? Her vinyl is softer than I expected. I like the feel of it! Rahel is articulated, to an extent. She has nice shoulder and hip joints that turn out in all directions. Her head has great articulation. It swivels in all directions, as well and holds poses.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

What I really like about Rahel is her face! Just like the original launch, Rahel has glossy inset eyes. They look very pretty and are the feature I most like on the Hearts For Hearts Girls. Her face is natural with no make up.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

Rahel has an awesome head of curly hair. It looks pretty neat and totally fits her face sculpt. I was happily surprised to see that the round afro wasn’t completely flat in the back when I de-boxed her. It kept its shape quite nicely!

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

She’s decked out in a bright, colorful outfit with a cool ‘V’ in the back. Her top is really a leotard that is covered with a long skirt. The skirt has a bit of velcro attaching it together, making both elements removable if you decided to redress her. I think the outfit looks great, especially on her dark skin.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

Let’s not forget the jewelry. Rahel wears a cool necklace around her neck and has bracelets on both wrists. One wrist has two elastic bracelets (or hair bands, possibly), while the other has plastic ones. To me, they read more as bracelets, as this hair doesn’t need styling. She wears earrings, too!

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

There are plenty of accessories, quality accessories at that, that come with Hearts For Hearts Girls. Rahel came with a booklet explaining her story, printed on thicker paper than expected. It goes into her country, the life she lives and what she strives to change for the future. She also comes with a comb (which may not come in handy so much for this particular doll, but is welcome) and a kid sized friendship bracelet. All three extra’s are much higher quality than I expected. As we all know, this is where companies tend to slack a little on materials, but not MPA!

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel (2016 Release)

You can buy your own Hearts for Hearts Girl on Amazon. But wait– there’s a bit more to this review than usual! MPA, the masterminds behind the relaunch, have agreed to send one lucky winner their own Hearts For Hearts Girl Rahel!

This contest is for US and Canada readers only. To enter, fill out the google form. There’s a limited time to enter, because I want the winner to hopefully receive their prize before Christmas rolls around! To enter, you MUST ‘like’ Hearts For Hearts Girls on facebook. (You can earn bonus entries, too! See the form!) The winner will be contacted by e-mail.  Now, fill out the form below and good luck!!!

The contest has ended.

So, what do you think of the relaunch of Hearts for Hearts Girls? Share your thoughts on that and Rahel in the comment area.


This doll was sent to me for a fair and honest review. All opinions stated are my own.

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  1. Susanne Iles replied:

    Another wonderful review! (thank you 🙂 ) I am absolutely delighted that the Hearts for Hearts girls are back. They are absolutely lovely. 🙂

  2. Bridget Ripberger replied:

    I hope that young girls learn from the true stories of the girls that each doll is representing. Many do not realize how many children survive in poor countries

  3. sailingmartha replied:

    She’s beautiful! I have her, along with quite a few of the other H4H girls. I really hope they take off and are successful.

  4. Jamie replied:

    So beautiful!!

  5. Honey replied:

    These dolls are beautiful, durable and they all have a great history (story) of a real child from the areas they represent. I am looking forward to collecting some of their clothes/costumes from their areas as well. I am glad to see they are back and I hope that they have successful sales so that others can share there stories and learn more about other cultures as well.

  6. Cathy Gagnon replied:

    I love all of the Hearts For Hearts Girls Dolls, as they are so beautiful! Their size, texture, stunning eyes and gorgeous hair.
    So happy they’ve come back and I enjoyed reading your review.
    Every little girl, and some big girls, like me 😉 should own one or more. I love how the fact that they represent cultures from all over the world and help feed the poor.

  7. Jacqui M replied:

    What a gorgeous doll. Fingers crossed they will be available in Australia! Thanks for the review.

  8. Jane Miller replied:

    I have been a collector of the H4H girls for a long time now. I hadn’t finished my collection when they vanished off the web and I wasn’t able to finish collecting them. I was so excited to hear that they had come back. I’ve already purchased Dell as I didn’t have her! Thanks!

  9. Judy replied:

    My granddaughter gas three heart for heart dolls and outfits. I wanted her to experience the multicultural play. She isiced Caucasian and Asian. My son is Bask and Caucasian and my husband is Bohemian and Caucasian. I grew up in California and wanted her not to see a white dominated society. I’m proud of eine raised in Northern California where I didn’t notice my friends and I were fife rent from one another.

  10. Jackie replied:

    Rahel is beautiful! We have been huge fans of H4H dolls for along time, and we are so excited that they are coming back!

  11. Colette Munier replied:

    j’en ai 3 et je vais en acheter d’autre elles sont trop belles merci

  12. Debra Daughtry replied:

    I have been following the Heart For Girls dolls on Facebook and was thrilled to see the re launch of the dolls. I buy dolls for the less fortunate every year and these dolls make the perfect gift!

  13. Heather replied:

    I’m so excited these dolls have been reissued! I’ve been hoping to find Rahel in a thrift store, as well as Surjan, but they’re all beautiful.

  14. Linda Roberts replied:

    I am so excited to see these dolls reissued. I loved them the first time around. I’m happy to see them come alive for another generation of girls.

  15. Julie Ormbrek replied:

    I love these dolls. I think the new version of Rahel is lovely — even prettier than the first edition!

  16. Emily Clegg replied:

    I was very very excited to hear about the relaunch of the dolls! When I had first heard they were stopping production I was so sad and regretted not buying more when I could have. I have 3 dolls, Mosi, Lillian, and Shola. My daughter begs to play with them and has her own (Consuela) that I bought used on eBay. These are beautiful high quality dolls 🙂

  17. MERmade9 replied:

    I have Mosi and glad to see these lovely dolls back so I can add more to my little collection. Rahel’s absolutely beautiful – thanks for your great review! Also want Dell and the blond doll from Russia, I believe?

  18. Ursula Pasche Stouffer replied:

    These are so beautiful! I gave a Rahel girl to one of my granddaughters a couple of years ago, and she loves her. I am glad they’re back!

  19. Sar replied:

    I have Shola and she’s one of my favorite dolls. I love their eyes! I’d hoped to pick up Surjan too, before they went out before but I couldn’t ever manage to find her. I’m so happy to hear they’re re-releasing everyone in the next year. I’d also love to see what else they might create!

  20. Jan Lee replied:

    I’d never heard of these dolls. I’m glad they are around now as I know my great niece would love one 🙂

  21. kenaiqueen replied:

    Nice dolls! I love the faces. Could only wish they were a little more articulated, but I do understand they are made for the kids and not me LOL! I like all of them but Dell and her freckles are very charming. thanks for the review! It’s nice to see good photos of the dolls.

  22. Janet Panecki replied:

    I wish I could enter the contest, but I do not belong to Facebook . Rahel would be my first choice if I were getting one of these dolls. but I do like Dell and her cute freckles too. Maybe, I need both!

  23. vanessadollsteachgirls replied:

    I own all the H4H dolls…including some extras. My son is black (saving a Rahel for him…if someday he has a daughter). Already gave Rahel to a mixed race couple as she generically resembles their beautiful little girl. (Didn’t know if she would ever be reissued then.)

    I also own Wellie Wishers. They are charming too…but H4H dolls…are better made…on almost all points. And their price is better.

    Clothing??? Look on Pinterest, Ebay, Etsy. There are free or for-purchase patterns. Also H4H clothing is for sale too.

    The tiny storybooks will tell about how each girl (as represented by the doll) is making her local community better in some way.

    (As I own all these dolls, am not entering contest. Good luck all!!!)

  24. MIRIAM replied:

    I cant find the link to enter to win the doll, is the contest over?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Sorry, the contest has ended. I suggest watching their Facebook page. They do a lot of competitions.

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