Walking the Toy Aisle

This weekend, we decided to hit up Toys R Us for the first time in 2017! The doll aisles were pretty disappointing, but I managed to see a few exciting things while out and about!

Walking the Toy Aisles

I love Barbie’s Food Truck! It’s so graphic and a great size. I’m tempted to pick this up if it ever goes on sale. It would make a great prop for photos!

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Continuing on a positive note, I also love that Mattel is continuing with the Made to Move Barbie‘s and even expanding on the line. The red-head is adorable. I would probably feel bad if I bought her just for body swapping. The standout doll here, though, is the skater who is packaged in an upside down skateboarding pose. I love it. They also expanded with a karate themed doll.

Walking the Toy Aisles

The first thing I thought when I saw this Journey Girls box? Oh! She must be cosplaying as Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time. The red jacket, white tank, jeans and the boots? The photographer/doll dresser must have been thinking about my favorite show when crafting this look!

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Beauty and the Beast dolls have hit stores! Some may think Mrs. Potts is creepy, but of all the merch, this was the best, in my opinion. This toddler doll of Belle was also pretty darn cute. Instead of the green-ish eyes of the previous release, this doll has rich brown eyes, more like Emma Watson, the actress playing Belle in Disney’s new live action remake. (This doll’s look also reminds me of Ursala in The Little Mermaid disguised as a human, which may be a good or bad thing– I’m not sure!)

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

The actual fashion doll, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about. I’m on the fence as to if this Belle doll is pretty. I see the resemblance to Emma Watson, but the doll has a very strange vibe to her. What do you think?

Walking the Toy Aisles

We bought one of these while shopping. This ball contains a doll and six other accessories– all a mystery until you peel the layers back. Actually, opening our LOL was pretty fun. You’ll see a post on it soon.

Walking the Toy Aisles

So far, the trailers for the Video Game Hero Barbie movie haven’t made me very excited. However, the dolls are pretty neat looking. The mini’s above are very cute. They may not do anything, but they’d look good on a desk!

Walking the Toy Aisles

It looks like Mattel got the memo about the popularity of STEM merch. This Barbie is packaged with a few STEM activities for a child to work on. I like the idea and think they could easily expand on this.

Walking the Toy Aisles

If you like Littlest Pet Shop, you’ll want to check Animal Jam out. They’re on the small side, so they’d make great pets for your dolls!

Walking the Toy Aisles

I’m including a Project Mc2 doll in this post, because, to be honest, I’m surprised they’re still around. I wasn’t sure how kids would take to them, seeing this is a Netflix show, but they’re still around, so they must be doing okay! This doll is one of the cutest they’ve made so far. I like the bodies and their unique faces with inset eyes. They can come off a little strange-looking at times, but overall, I like their look.

So, that ends another Walking the Toy Aisle. What have you seen recently while shopping? What do you think of these dolls? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. My Doll Adventure replied:

    Thanks – we’ve been snowed in, so it’s great to see what’s out there :). I’d been looking for some pets, so the animal jam look interesting

  2. DH replied:

    Ms Potts looks sooo interesting, it is a must have I think, cuz it’s so unusual. So glad to see the Made To Move Barbie is expanding. I like the Ember Doll too

  3. Jacqui replied:

    Hi, I totally get your disappointment of the doll’s aisle, but spare a thought for us poor Barbie collectors in Australia 😦

    We only get about a third (at most) of the dolls you get in the US!
    For example: none of the new Made to Move sports line has made it here, or the redhead, or the singer …
    And I can only pray that we get some of the Beauty and the Beast dolls!

    And this is a direct comparison with Toys R Us stores!

    Luckily I have discovered Amazon, where I can get most of the stuff I’m after for fairly reasonable o/s postage, and even the new Mattel/Barbie website.

    But I’m still sooo envious that you can walk into your local TrU and they’re all there!! 😉


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