Dolly Review: Monster High Zomby Gaga

Note: Originally, there were pictures in this review. However, they were hosted on Photobucket, who decided to stop allowing free users to embed their images. I will try to reproduce them at a later time.

Zomby Gaga, made in collaboration with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way foundation and Mattel, is a pretty cool looking Monster High doll. She’s probably one of the last interesting and articulated Monster High’s we’ll see, in my opinion. Since the reboot (and even before the reboot), there haven’t been many thrilling Monster High releases. Some Electrified dolls look promising, but the excitement that I felt when shopping for, say, the original Dawn of the Dance wave, just isn’t there.

There’s a good chance that if you collect Monster High, you pre-ordered your Zomby Gaga ages ago and even got her open and out of the box already. My doll arrived a few weeks ago. I give Mattel kudo’s on her packaging. The doll is packaged in a cool triangular box. Her accessories are hidden on the bottom of the box. Zomby Gaga comes with a stand and extra outfit. Her stand is pretty horrible. It’s one of those poorly made stands that just doesn’t want to stay together.

The extra outfit, a shirt dress and fishnets, is cute. However, it’s very short. It’s more shirt than dress. A little extra length would have made this extra outfit perfect.

While Zomby Gaga is articulated, she has some major body issues. Similar to what others have experienced, my Zomby Gaga’s left elbow doesn’t work. When you try to bend it, the elbow joint pops out of the arm. Her outfit’s tight sleeves also hinder the shoulder joints from moving well. I’m disappointed in the poor construction of her arm joints. Mattel has been making articulated bodies for a while now and for such a huge tie-in release, they should have made sure they were putting the best product in consumers hands.

The suit she wears in the box is stylish, even though it hinders her movement a bit. I think the collar should have been lowered a bit, as to not hide the small neck detail painted on the doll, but besides that, the look is pretty neat. I love the flair pants. And her shoes? They’re awesome.

Zomby Gaga has long hair that is styled in a high ponytail. I like the combination of light pink and grey hair they used. It works really well with her zombie/skeleton like skin tone. Unfortunately, her hair has a tendency to fall out, at least on my doll.

What makes this doll super cool is her face design. The details are on par with early Monster High dolls. It has depth and dimension to it, like Monster High faces should. You can tell this doll was designed before the ‘sugary sweet’ reboot was really put into play. Zomby Gaga’s eyes aren’t the cutesy anime kind that the new dolls are getting. There’s something alien about them, again, much like early Monster High dolls.

Another nice touch are her hands, which say Lady Gaga (one word on each hand). Small details like that are getting rarer and rarer in the Monster High series. The bubble gum is a nice accessory, too.

Overall, I’m happy they made Zomby Gaga. It was nice seeing some excitement around the line again. However, they did a huge disservice to the doll by giving her a wonky body and weak hair. But, if you’re a fan of Lady Gaga or the golden age of Monster High, you may want to add one of these to your collection. What do you think of Zomby Gaga? Did your doll come with a bad elbow? Let me know in the comment area!

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  1. Jacqui replied:

    Hi, thanks again for a great review – I wasn’t aware of the wonky elbow thing. You’re right, for the tie-in AND the price ($50AU), Mattel should have gone all-out on quality!
    Big W Australia finally got some of these in and mine’s still on lay-by, but I’m hoping to collect her soon.
    Just one thing – would it be possible to include a photo of her without her gum bubble? I’m assuming it comes out?
    Thanks again, Jacqui

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I decided not to take the bubble gum out of her mouth, b/c I was worried it might not go in or stay in as well. (After the elbow incident, it worried me!) If you take yours out of the box, just be careful when bending the left elbow. It will pop out if you bend it without holding the elbow in place.

  2. Judith Rankine replied:

    I love this doll. I did not take her out of her box, it looks so good as it is! I am displaying her just as she is, box and all, so it doesn’t matter if she has a bad elbow! I think the whole design is fantastic.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I guess that is a perk to keeping her in the box!

  3. Jacqui replied:

    PS: Sorry, does she have a stand too? And is it like the other MH stands?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      She has a stand, but it’s not very good. It falls apart like most MH stands. It’s not special in anyway.

  4. Bridget Ripberger replied:

    I am glad that I decided not to take her out of the box.! Thanks. You are right I think Mattel as totally dropped the ball with MH and I am wondering why ? They had a good thing going for awhile.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      It’s disappointing, but I guess we had it pretty good for a while there.

  5. DH replied:

    She is Awesome! I have not deboxed her yet so I’m not sure about her limbs. I agree with you, this has been the only excitement since the reboot. I may need to get another just to debox and play around with.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I hope Monster High has more exciting releases on the way, but I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Monster Crafts replied:

    Hi there! I haven’t purchased a Zombie Gaga doll yet, and I’m not really sure if I will. I agree with you, it’s the most exciting doll since the reboot, and her shoes are really cool, but I’m still not feeling her. I also think that Mattel should have paid more attention to the quality of the dolls, specially in a such anticipated doll.
    I don’t know why Mattel did the Monster High reboot, but I hope they go back to the old style at some point. Unless I find some of the older dolls, for now I’m done collecting Monster High dolls.

    Thanks for your fantastic review!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m still frustrated that they released all of these with the messed up elbow. How did that even happen six or so years into the line?

  7. dannyscotland replied:

    Someone else reviewed her, I am trying to remember who it was, but they said their doll’s arm kept falling out completely. I never collected MH, but my daughters and I like the EAH line. We’ve been really disappointed in Mattel’s reboots, and we have pretty much stopped buying their dolls altogether. I’m pretty disappointed in Mattel as a company right now overall, but the Zomby Gaga doll idea is pretty cool. I hope they’ll get things together and do a better job on the dolls. Those lines were incredible.

    It was Toy Box Philosopher where I read about this doll. She had a really in-depth review.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Yep. The arm literally pops out when you bend it. It’s like the peg is too small and thin to stay in as you bend the arm. Super frustrating.

  8. Tina replied:

    Still haven’t taken her out of the box

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Seems like a lot of people have kept her in the box.

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