Walking the Toy Aisle

Since I missed out on the fun at New York Toy Fair, I thought I’d do a little sight-seeing at our local toy shops. Here are some of the highlights from the toy aisles!

 photo 75bd71d0-e76e-422b-aa8f-adb6ef0c2e89.jpg

When Wicked Cool Toys first mentioned that they were doing a limited release all vinyl 18″ Cabbage Patch Kid, I liked the idea a lot. That’s why seeing her on the clearance shelf makes me kind of sad. However, I can totally understand why she’s there. At $100.00 a pop, these weren’t exactly something a family on a budget could pick up for the holidays. Even now, at $79.99, she’s still too pricey for me to even consider buying.

 photo 20170215_125137.jpg

I love these backdrops! One of my main problems with photographing large dolls is that I have zero backdrops that are tall enough to fit them. This seems like something to keep an eye on!

 photo 20170215_124847.jpg

Club Chelsea is huge. I should have placed a normal Chelsea next to her for scale. She’s about the size of the Disney Princess Toddler dolls, I think. I love this and hope they release more in this large size.

 photo 20170215_124710.jpg

The 25th Anniversary of Totally Hair Barbie (yes, she’s 25 years old now) is nice, but something is off about her. Her head seems too small for her body, in my opinion. I’ll stick with the original.

 photo 20170215_124557.jpg

Having just watched the Barbie Video Game Hero movie, I love the heads on these three dolls. They have a huge problem, though– their bodies! They’re so plastic’y. They definitely need to be put on a new body. I wonder if they match any of the Made to Move Barbies.

 photo 20170215_124522.jpg

Oh, look. I found Spectra. Just kidding. I know this isn’t Spectra, but come on, Ari is practically her clone.

 photo 20170215_124440.jpg

Silvi is a pretty nice looking Monster High, though her coloring reminds me of Ghoulia.

 photo 20170215_124255.jpg

This is a strange Frankie. I like her, but something about her seems off.

 photo 20170215_124245.jpg

This is a nice little two set with Clawdeen and Clawd.

 photo 20170215_124153.jpg

I also like this Mattel product in the Ever After High line. She’s articulated, which is nice, though her elbow is a little weird. I wonder if that’s to give her enough oomph to shoot the arrow?

 photo 20170215_123806.jpg

This new Beauty and the Beast movie is cursed with really great toys and some really poorly made toys. The baby doll is super creepy to me. She’s not pretty.

 photo 20170215_123745.jpg

These toddler dolls, however, are super cute! I love them, even if they look more like Ursala’s human alter ego who tried to marry Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid than Belle.

 photo 20170215_123437.jpg

Lalaloopsy’s seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate. It looks like they’re changing a bit, as you can see in the picture. They’re smaller with real hair. In my opinion, MGA over produced their Lala line. They over saturated their own market.

So, there you have it! That’s what caught my eye while walking the toy aisle. What have you seen recently that caught your eye? Do you see anything in this post that you like or hate? Share your thoughts in the comment area.


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  1. Teresa Brown replied:

    Wow, I can’t believe that Totally Hair Barbie is 25 years! She is in my top 5 dolls that I own. But she is missing her DEP styling gel! Lol Maybe its the neckline of the dress that makes her head look small? The neckline is wider than I remember it being…..

  2. Taylor Armstrong replied:

    I can tell you that the video game hero Barbie with the two buns matches the made to move pink top doll almost perfectly! I re-bodied mine recently and she is too cute!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Awesome. I figured someone would have tried this! I may have to pick them up. I really like their faces and hair.

  3. Jacqui replied:

    Hi, thanks for the update.
    Looks like Mattel are bringing back articulated Monster High dolls? Yay!
    I love the Clawd/Clawdeen set, but when I look at Frankie, her colouring reminds me of Lagoona (her hair looks strawberry blonde rather than white)? Also, Venus’ skirt looks ridiculously short – or is it a jump/playsuit?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Yes! Now that you mentioned it, Lagoona is what we compared Frankie to while shopping! I had totally forgotten. :/ Short clothing on Monster High doesn’t surprise me anymore, not since a bathing suit Cleo from early on that wore a barely there bathing suit. I don’t think Mattel is bringing back articulated Monster High dolls, so much as they are releasing them in a more limited fashion. We will still be seeing plenty of non-articulated ones in the cheaper sets, I think.

  4. karenbail1963ey replied:

    I never understand about cabbage patch kids, hideous.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Really? I think they’re cute. Too expensive now, but cute! 🙂

  5. Beatrix replied:

    I like the changes to the large lalaloopsy line but I agree,it comes too late after too many series. .

    • kewpie83 replied:

      There’s so few of them in our stores now. They don’t even have a section, really.

  6. kenaiqueen replied:

    The Disney toddler dolls just can’t hold a candle to the Disney Store Animators Collection. I am up to 7 of them now with my latest purchase of toddler Kristoff (who is on sale for 9.99, btw). I’ve stopped buying MH but a few of the EAHi dolls and the Descendants are tempting me. I think I want that Journey Girl background set. Have to look next time I’m up in the Big Town (Anchorage) at the TRU store.

  7. Beth replied:

    Wow, I remember Totally Hair Barbie! I am surprised she has been ree-released.

  8. Taswegian1957 replied:

    I recently bought a Chelsea club doll and I did put her next to one of the old body Kelly’s to compare. Huge difference in height as she is nearly a head taller. I was disappointed by the plastic top the one I bought was wearing.

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