Skipper Highlight Reel: Skipper’s Boyfriend Scott

Last time on the Skipper Highlight Reel, we covered Growing Up Skipper and her friend Ginger. This controversial line lead to the sudden disappearance of Skipper for a short period of time. Between 1975 and 1979, most Skipper releases were exclusive to the European market, like Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper and Funtime Skipper. It looks like a Malibu or two was released, but there wasn’t much more than that in the States, according to the internet. (Price guides like the Skipper: Barbie’s Little Sister stop at 1978. I’ve always played with the idea about trying to pitch a book that covers Skipper post 1978. It would be so helpful!)

In 1979, Skipper returned revitalized with a new ‘Super Teen Skipper‘ face mold and more active tagline. Super Teen Skipper was marketed as, “Glamorous one minute, a super sport the next.” Besides the new face, Super Teen Skipper’s body mold was changed from flat chested to having a small bust. To be 100% honest, the Super Teen Skipper is my least favorite of the Skipper’s manufactured. Personally, I find it to be just plain ugly. There’s not one thing that bugs me, it’s pretty much everything about her face that does.

In addition to tweaking Skipper’s sculpt and body, in 1980, she found herself her first ever boyfriend! Scott is an interesting character and definitely reflects the late 70’s/early 80’s! He has a head of curly hair and wears a sporty outfit with a tank top, jacket and pants. To complete the look? Four wheeled roller skates. Just imagine the folks in the skating movies of that time, like Xanadu, and you have Scott.

Scott, Skipper's First Boyfriend

Scott, Skipper's First Boyfriend

Interestingly enough, I always assumed that Scott’s body mold, which has one bent arm and one straight, had to do with the ‘active and sporty’ theme that surrounds him and Super Teen Skipper. Apparently, though, his body mold was also used earlier in 1978 for Mattel’s Jimmy Osmond doll. Those dolls were packaged with microphones and had bent arms so kids could pretend Jimmy was performing. So that’s why Scott has a bent arm.

Scott, Skipper's First Boyfriend

Scott has a unique face mold that I don’t think has been used since this release, which only seems to have been produced for a year before disappearing. The whole Super Teen Skipper theme only lasted a few years (thank goodness) with a new face mold for Skipper being released in 1985 and then again in 1988.

Scott, Skipper's First Boyfriend

Video review below!

Do you have Scott? What do you think of him? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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  1. Anonymous replied:

    I love, love, love Scott (and Superteen Skipper). I wanted them so badly when they came out. I did get their paper dolls that Christmas, but had to wait until 2010 or 11 to actually get the dolls. To me, Scott was hot. He was totally late 70s and that hair! Not to mention he is ripped with that shrunken Ken chest.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I think I have the paperdolls, too. I have to go through my coloring books/paper dolls. Maybe I’ll post about them one day!

  2. Tammy Colvin Sedam replied:

    I don’t have a Scott,(And to be honest,have no desire for him!), but as a Skipper collector I have to say, I agree with you completely about Super Teen Skipper! She has got to be the ugliest Skipper ever made,and one of the ugliest Barbie family members! I have one,to make my Skipper collection al inclusive, but just…Ug!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      So agree. 😉 But, there’s been a lot of love, surprisingly, for her, since posting this!

  3. karenbail1963ey replied:

    This is very interesting, I got a Skipper doll today, in a bundle with some other Barbie dolls. sadly her hair is cut, but i was fascinated by her and have been doing a bit of research.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I have the best luck looking at Skipper’s eyes when I’m trying to ID one. (This is easiest on the anime eye Skippers from the 90’s.)

  4. Taswegian1957 replied:

    I don’t have Scott but I have an idea that my sister has him as she collects male fashion dolls. I wish there was a good Skipper book too. I’d buy it.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I always play with the idea of writing a guide myself, since I have many of those dolls. Actually, I’ve even started a site, which I never did anything with, with the intention of archiving the Skippers that aren’t covered in the book. My goal is to get that page up and running, once I find my photo album of Skipper images. (They were misplaced when my Mac died without warning, which left me with a lot of random hard drives with stuff on them and lots of problems getting my stuff onto my PC.)

      • Taswegian1957 replied:

        That’s annoying but I hope you do go ahead and get that up and running one day. It would be a great resource.

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