Toy Fair 2017- As Seen From YouTube

Don’t get too excited. Alas, I wasn’t able to afford a trip to New York City to attend the esteemed toy trade show that is New York Toy Fair. (I’ll be going to New York City later this year for Blogger Bash, though, which has a mini toy fair called the Sweet Suite!) The past week or so, I’ve been searching YouTube for videos from New York Toy Fair. Below are a few that might be interesting to you! (And I definitely plan on going to 2018’s NYTF. I feel like there should be more booths getting coverage than what is out there on the internet as of this writing.  That, or it will be a pretty lackluster year for toys. Lottie, The Queen’s Treasures and A Girl for All Time were there, but I don’t see many videos from their booths on YouTube yet. Tonner was also there with Phyn & Aero, but seemed to have had a very small collection of items. He livestreamed from his booth.)

The best video that I found was a live stream from the Doll area.  (The trade show floor is split into different themed areas.) It features Lottie, A Girl for All Time and Tonner. They go through the doll area and chat with vendors.

This video isn’t from New York’s event, but Hong Kong’s. It features Kurhn dolls! They don’t show at New York Toy Fair. That reminds me, I need to add a new Kurhn to my collection soon. It’s been too long!

Here’s a tour from Madame Alexander. No audio from the company, so your guess as to price, name and release are as good as mine on these dolls. I do see many things that were on display last year, though. I have an e-mail out to the company, so maybe we’ll be hearing more about them later!

Spin Master’s Luvabella will either win your heart or creep you out. Check out the video to see why! She’s a robot baby that has some pretty awesome head movements!

I love the Barbie hologram machine!!! It looks like it will be pretty cool. It doesn’t look like they have their new thingmaker, the 3d printer, on display this year. I wonder what’s going on with that?

My Ballerina Dolls was back (and still not in the doll area, it seems). From the looks of it, they didn’t have anything super new to show. It looks like they’re re-working Clara a bit so she can be more of an ‘anything’ character. (They mentioned that in another Toy Fair video.)

Shibajuku Girls debuted their new smaller sized dolls in their booth! I still prefer the big ones to the small ones, but they look cute!

This is just a sampling of what was on display at Toy Fair. If you haven’t, I suggest going to YouTube and searching Toy Fair 2017 and seeing what else people posted. (Look up Hasbro, Mattel and Funko– they usually have great stuff on display!)

There are some videos of the new Monster High dolls out, but honestly, the dolls don’t look very exciting. Also, bad news for Ever After High fans, it looks like they had zero new dolls on display for that line. There look to be a lot of fun new dolls coming to the DC Superhero Girls line, some of which are characters I actually know thanks to the CW’s current love affair with DC themed entertainment.

Did you see anything exciting at Toy Fair or through coverage online? What was it? Let me know in the comment area!

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  1. Beatrix replied:

    I have a fair number of baby dolls, but that Luvabella inmho is creepier than Chucky. Any further word on what tonner dolls will be doing in the future? I thought they were changing to something very different.

    • Anonym replied:

      They were two new doll lines being shown: 1.Phyn and Aero -resin BJD in more romantic/ historical fashion, I also believe that’s the new company name from now on 2. Jazz Jennings- a (pandering) trans doll,why not? since man are better in everything then women, including being a women-_-. Also to note that all previous doll lines will be canceled:/.

      Here is link to the dolls gallery:

      • Beatrix replied:

        Thank you!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Tonner’s offerings seemed to be lacking this time around. I think they’re still working out the new lines for Phyn and Aero (FB Live:, though they showed off a select few. Mary Astor was on display for Tonner Dolls and actually looks pretty good ( They also had Jazz on display, which you’ve probably heard about by now. I’m not crazy about the sculpt on Jazz or the body (definitely not the price), but people seem excited about her.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I am hoping to get photos and more info from Tonner/P&A directly about their releases, so you’ll hopefully be seeing them soon!

  2. Anonym replied:

    The Toy Fair get sadder with each as they’re fewer companies and new toys, everything is based on existing franchise or being gimmcky and technological, no longer suprising and creative toys. The girl toy market in USA is dead, the few toys that did got me excited were boy toys only. I like the new Usagi figure and his samurai version inculding the tutrles samurai versions, as well Usagi Half Shell Hero version too, DIE-CAST Voltron*-*, Ben 10-Heatblast with his jet, Trypticon, Twin Twist, Overlord, Ramhorn and Playmobile Dragons.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      That’s kind of the reason I decided it was okay to skip out on 2017’s NYTF. After going two years in a row, I realized not much had changed and I wasn’t crazy about many of the current trends. It seemed like my money would be better spent going every other year or so when there might be new trends. (I’ll be happy when blind bags go by the wayside!)

      • Anonym replied:

        I couldn’t agree more , the last time Toy Fair was any good was in 2012-2013 when we had new unique stuff like Cutie Pops and Pinkie Cooper. Indeed, most bling bag toys are basically overpriced Kinder eggs without chocolate and far less variety of figures. By the way, do you collect Licca-Chan dolls? I found it to be the last good playline fashion doll and it kept that good ol’ imaginative girly look girl toys used to have (everytime I see one, it gives nostalgic feeling, even though I never had one as kid which is a shame). In general, I find Japanese playline to be more appealing lately. You should check out Tomica Dream* , new Haco Room model kit line for girls and Sylvanian Families (EU\ Japan version of Calico Critters).

        *Finally some girly car toys! I never thought a thing like that even exist.

      • Beatrix replied:

        Something people seem to lose sight of is the amount of plastic packaging that adds to our environmental problems with the blind bags.

  3. DeeDee replied:

    Am I wrong that the Madame Alexander doll in the fur redish hood and dress looks a lot like an ever after high doll?!

  4. Toy Fair 2017- As Seen From YouTube | Fashionnation1on1 replied:

    […] Source: Toy Fair 2017- As Seen From YouTube […]

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