Skipper Highlight Reel: Skipper Doll Cases

Recently, I’ve been taking inventory of my Skipper collection. I photographed the vast majority of my dolls and am now moving onto getting a clear idea of the ‘other’ items in my collection, like cases, coloring books and other Skipper branded items. The other day, I decided to look at my Skipper doll cases.

Produced by SPP, most of these cases are made of cardboard lined with a thin layer of vinyl. Because of this, it’s common to run into cases with splits, water damage or rust (to the clasps). If you stumble upon a case online that you’re thinking about buying, always ask about the condition. You may also run into cases that are very ‘musty’ on the inside, because, let’s face it, in many cases (pun intended), these doll cases haven’t been opened in years!

Skipper School Days Case

From 1964, the above case features Skipper in three different outfits: School Days, Red Sensation and Skipper’s Dress Coat. This case is pretty easy to find and comes in various colors, including beige, blue and yellow.

Skipper Beach Case

The Running on the Beach double case is one of my favorites. It has such an action packed graphic on the front, which features Skipper and Skooter running in the sand at the beach. They’re both dressed in their basic red and white striped outfit. This is also from around 1965 and comes in various colors.

Skipper, Barbie and Francie European Travel Case

Another favorite of mine is the European Travel Trunk from 1965, featuring Barbie, Francie and Skipper. Skipper wears Ship’s Ahoy, her sailor themed fashion. (One of my all time favorite Skipper outfits!) Another thing that makes this case stand out is Skipper’s super sassy side glance. It has more attitude than other promo graphics. This is also a more sturdy case than the others. And, of course, this comes in various color options.

Skipper and Barbie Red Sensation Case

This Barbie and Skipper Red Sensation case is a double case featuring Skipper in the popular Red Sensation outfit (featured in the School Days case, as well as the Purse Pal case). This case comes in multiple colors, including yellow, blue and beige.

Skipper Mod Case

This 1969 Mod Case showcases a Skipper drawn in a way that is very different from the other cases in this post. While less detailed, the design features Skipper with a head of full, bouncy blonde hair and a short, bright pink outfit. This case also was released in orange.

Skipper and Scooter Portraite Case

This double case includes portraits of Skipper and her pal, Skooter. This case is more simple than the others, but I love how big Skipper and Skooter’s faces are.

Skooter Case

In this case, Skooter is seen modeling Platter Party and Sunny Pastel. This yellow case showcases a blonde and ginger haired Skooter. Like the rest, it comes in various colors.

Purse Pal Case

The Purse Pal doll case is ‘unofficially’ a Skipper product. It was made by the company who produced the cases in this post, but not for Mattel.  It’s rare, because it features a doll that looks a lot like Skipper on the toy shelf, which isn’t something Mattel did with their cases. You’ll find this in both blue, like mine, or pink. Notice that Red Sensation is also used on this ‘super generic looking’ doll on the doll shelf, a popular look used on many of the ‘official’ Skipper cases.

I’m happy with the cases I have so far. For someone who is pretty picky about case quality, I have gathered quite a few! (I need the graphics to be top notch in order to spend money on a case!) Do you have any doll cases? Do you have a favorite among these? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. Taswegian1957 replied:

    These are beautiful cases. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Teresa B replied:

    I love the purse one! I loved to carry my dolls in purses when I was little. Most of the old cases I have are in super good condition (vinyl is not torn) but they have rusty clasps. These are awesome cases!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I was very happy to win the Purse Pal case. I love how it represents the doll, not the character, if that makes sense.

  3. DollandCraftAdventures replied:

    I really like the Skipper and Scooter case. Skipper and Scooter came after my doll playing with years, but it great to see dolls that were kids and not grown ups.

  4. Beatrix replied:

    I’d have to say my favorite is the first tan colored case, with the purse case following second. I like the graphics so much that unfortunately the art work makes the doll pale in comparison for me. So much more dynamic in pose and expression. Some doll collectors on Youtube are making hybrid dolls making interesting combinations of doll heads and bodies from other dolls. I wonder if a Skooter head could be paired with an articulated body somehow like an Azone body. Would you consider doing something like that? While I like the new Skipper reproduction, the way the eyes are painted bothers me especially when compared to graphics like you see on the cases. Would you consider trying a faceup to match a graphic on a case or is your love for the vintage doll too great to want to change it?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      If Skippers weren’t so expensive, I would totally customize them more. It’s hard for me to find them under $50 a pop, though. At that price, I usually keep them as is. It’s an interesting thought about Skooter on an Azone body, though. (Another thing I can’t really afford! Ha!) I don’t think I’d customize one of the new Skippers. Honestly, most of them are so poorly made now. You’re right, the eyes are really starting to get strange. Plus, their limbs are soooo hollow. They’re not even worth the price anymore.

  5. CrazyMaisy replied:

    They’re fab! I adore the art work on the Skipper and Skooter case – so retro. Xxx

  6. Gail replied:

    Thank you very much for sharing
    I still have many of these dolls
    Today ! They are in mint condition !
    Some in their original boxes !

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