World Doll Day Toy Drive Update and Thanks

World Doll Day has come and gone, but there’s still a few weeks left to donate a doll or toy for our toy drive! (Yes, this isn’t my toy drive, it’s all of ours!) You can read more about it here. At PUDDLE this year, one of the activities I coordinated was the World Doll Day Doll and Toy Drive, with donations going to the Marillac St. Vincent Family Services Christmas Store. PUDDLE attendees came prepared to give, adding over 30 toys to the 20 or so we received during the drive through reader donations, pushing our total donations to over 50 dolls!

World Doll Day Donations

I’m incredibly pleased with the enthusiasm you all showed me during this doll/toy drive. I went into it a bit leery, not sure how it would work or if we’d get anything, but your donations helped us ensure that 50 children will feel some holiday cheer come December. Thank you SO much for your donations. If you’d like to send in a last minute doll/toy/gift card, feel free. I won’t be dropping these off till early July, so you have until the end of this month. Details on the PO Box are in the announcement post.

I suppose I should end this with a question, because that’s proper blog etiquette. How did you celebrate World Doll Day? Share your thoughts in the comment area.


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  1. wendydirks replied:

    Thank you so much for organising this! Love to see all those dolls and thinking about the happy children who will receive them!

  2. manikani2d replied:

    Amazing! Congratulations!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks!!! I’m very happy with how this turned out!

  3. World Doll Day Toy Drive 2018 is LIVE | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] year, we were able to donate over 50 toys to the Christmas Store thanks to your support, as well as the support of the Pullip and Dal Doll […]

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