Blogger Bash: Sweet Suite Box 2017

A huge perk of attending Blogger Bash‘s Sweet Suite is the swag box! 2017’s Sweet Suite Swag box was a whopping 24 pounds and filled with toys from a variety of exhibitors who were on the floor of the toy expo. While I may have wanted to see a few more filler programs to round out Blogger Bash in general, I can’t complain about Sweet Suite or how it was organized. The amazing staff shipped these, free of charge, to every attendee’s house within two days of the expo. For some, the box arrived the very next day. My box took a little longer to go halfway across the country and arrived four days after the big event.

Many bloggers and YouTubers have made this box out to be one of the best swag boxes around and I must say, after opening it, I totally agree. While it may not have had many dolls in it, this was the sweetest perk of any conference I’ve ever been to. The sponsors outdid themselves!

So, what was in the box, you ask? Take a peek for yourselves! My mother (Barbee0913 on YouTube) and I did a box opening video, embedded above! For those of you who aren’t into video’s, here’s a few pictorial highlights!

Goodies From SweetSuite17 Box

My Sibling/My Pal put a 18″ doll purse in the swag bag!

Goodies From SweetSuite17 Box

This is a tiny wind up robot from Aeromax Toys. It could make a cute pet for a doll!

Goodies From SweetSuite17 Box

This is just super cool and a much larger set than I expected in the swag box. K’nex put three different sets in the swag box.

Goodies From SweetSuite17 Box

I’m a fan of useful swag and these bpa free water bottles fit that bill perfectly.

The doll merchandise was light, but honestly, there weren’t a lot of dolls on display, so I expected this. Actually, though, I welcome the variety of toys. Some of them sound like fun! You’ll be seeing more of these on my YouTube channel, rather than here on the blog, so make sure to subscribe to my channel for updates on new video posts. And, of course, you can always ‘like’ me on Facebook, where I post new video links, as well.

Goodies From Sweet Suite 17- all the loot!

What do you think of the toys in the Sweet Suite box? Do you have a favorite? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. DollandCraftAdventures replied:

    That is quite a hall. Good for you! I would have to say my favorite was the mouse trap game. I can remember playing with the Mouse Trap game for hours when I was a kid.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      It was a nice surprise to receive all these goodies!

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