Dolly Review: Saddle Stars Skye

Ever wanted a cute horse for your dolly photography? Well, Saddle Stars is a solid option for you. New and sold exclusively at Target, Saddle Stars is a line of 1/6 scale horse toys. So far, there is one horse in the line, Skye. A second horse is teased on their website as coming soon, Pixie.

Saddle Stars (Blip Toys) Skye

Let’s talk about Skye. Skye is a 1/6th-ish scale horse made of hollow plastic, like most horse toys out today. She’s not articulated, unfortunately, but she stands well in her molded pose.

Saddle Stars (Blip Toys) Skye

What drew me to this toy was the look. This is a very pretty horse! Her eyes are basic black with a dark grey above them and her snout is also accented with black. These elements look really good on her tan skin. She’s not flocked, by the way. Her body is, as I said, a hard plastic. (Check out the video review, linked below!)

One thing that would have been nice to have on this horse toy would have been lashes, since horses tend to have very prominent lashes, but Skye still has a very pretty face without them.

Saddle Stars (Blip Toys) Skye

Her mane and tail feature soft, long blonde hair, which is easy to style.

Saddle Stars (Blip Toys) Skye

Skye comes with a number accessories. They are: a turquoise/maroon plastic saddle, a bridle and reins, a brown saddle blanket, a saddle bag (which can attach to the saddle), a comb, four hair clips and two sets of colorful horse shoes.

The saddle bag is really nice. It’s molded plastic, but opens so you can store your extra horseshoes or hair clips inside. The fringe and braided shoulder strap are real faux suede.

Saddle Stars (Blip Toys) Skye

The horseshoes are pretty neat. Skye’s foot is molded with indents that allow these colorful horseshoes to fit tight (for the most part) on the horse’s hoof. It’s a fun way to play with Skye that I don’t recall being in other horse lines.

Saddle Stars (Blip Toys) Skye

Saddle Stars (Blip Toys) Skye

Skye comes in a large box. The graphics on the box are beautiful. I love the artwork! This will definitely stand out on store shelves. The box has a flap that opens, which allows shoppers to see Skye, as well as learn more about her unique personality. Each horse has a journal entry and a list of likes that help you relate to the horse, more so than you might a toy without these little details.

Saddle Stars (Blip Toys) Skye

As far as scaling goes, we tried a few dolls on top of this horse and think the 27cm BJD’s looked the best. This horse is too small for 18″ dolls, but should allow 1/6th scale dolls to pose relatively well, depending on their outfits.

Saddle Stars (Blip Toys) Skye

Saddle Stars (Blip Toys) Skye

I think Skye will come in handy during dolly photoshoots. She’s the cutest horse toy I’ve seen in a long time. Also, I love the accessories, especially the horseshoes. I look forward to seeing the other horses in the Saddle Stars line! You can follow the line via facebook or via their website!

What do you think of Saddle Stars Skye? Leave your thoughts in the comment area!


**This product was sent for review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. jsornber replied:

    Would an Ever After High doll fit on her?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Yes, but certain outfits will hinder her posing.

  2. My Doll Adventure replied:

    Lovely horse. How does she compare in size to the Breyer Traditional?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      You know, I’m not sure. I’ll measure this beauty and let you know. Besides Skye, the only horses I own are MLP’s!

  3. Iphis of Scyros replied:

    That’s certainly a pretty horse! I wonder if they’ll release an articulated one at some point. I’ve been wanting an articulated 1/6 scale horse since getting my hands on the super-fancy 1/6 scale She-Ra collector doll! (I know I could just use a Barbie horse, but have you seen the pink-on-pink Barbie horse choices on the market right now? Waaaaaay too cartoony to be that doll’s Swift Wind.)

    BTW, regarding the previous comment, if this horse is 1/6 scale, then it’s larger than a standard Breyer; they’re too small for Barbie use.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      The She-Ra from Matty Collector? That was a cool doll! I missed out on her when she was available.

      • Iphis of Scyros replied:

        I was so psyched when I ran across her on their site — especially because she was marked as “low stock”! She’s definitely an awesome doll. I thought when I was ordering her that she was using the Barbie Made-to-Move body, but she’s actually super-buff, just with Made-to-Move style joints. (And she has a toe joint! I’ve never seen that before.)

        I hope they’re going to do more of them. Although I guess if they do, I have to belong to their new club to order one. Hrmm…guess I need to look into that…though it sounds like that Cleo/Ghoulia two-pack is actually “old school” instead of reboot-version, so I guess I was probably going to sign up anyway…

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